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SEO: Trends And Tips For 2016

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The activities on the web and a digital presence on various platforms have become the norm, but these alone are not enough to stay one step ahead of the competition. Following are some of the trends and tips to prepare a Successful SEO Strategy for 2016.

2015 was a year full of changes for all those who deal with SEO. We have witnessed the Mobile addon, when Google decided to favor sites that offer an optimal display from smartphones. We have dealt with local web marketing and competitive analysis, because we think that today is enough to no longer be present on the web, but it needs to have a higher visibility of the competition to be successful.

Now let's see in detail what are the trends to set an SEO strategy for the new year:


Searches from the mobile have already equaled the PC in terms of volume, and this trend is growing. The forecasts, in fact, argue for an exponential increase in smartphones than desktop search. In recent years, the speed achieved by processors and the internet allows you to search from your phone wherever you are.

This trend will only increase, and in a few years, most of the websites will be designed primarily for mobile devices. In addition, the Websites that are not optimized for the mobile device, ie the Responsive sites, will become irrelevant as unusable. A mobile-friendly design is already in itself a positioning factor for Google, and, in time, become an essential criterion for position on the search engine.


Although the voice search is still in its infancy, it has already earned a good chunk of users thanks to mobile devices and the increase in research by smartphone. Voice search will continue to be popular because it allows people to ask a question and get an answer immediately, such as an address, directions, the result of a football match, without the trouble of writing text.

Google plans to add a speech recognition feature for its early applications. This change could have a major impact on users who access the Web from smartphones.


SEO today is hostile to the unoriginal content. This is because quality content will always privileged position. So let's keep in mind the Google motto "Content is King": original content and especially useful for users become a predominant factor for positioning in the years to come.

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Over the past years, we have seen a growing emphasis on local SEO by search engines. More and more people are looking for information on Google that is tailored to their location. Just think of the signs had to go to a place, the address of an office, or a phone number to reserve a table at the restaurant. Advanced geolocation maps contribute increasingly to fuel this trend, and the location is now common practice for the world of the web.

In 2016, this trend will increase even more. The position will play a key role: confirm recent updates to the search engine like Google Pigeon which are a clear indication of how the location will become a key factor in the search results.

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