Thursday, 13 August 2015

A complete guide to Social Media Marketing

If you want to get huge traffic from social networking websites like Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook etc. then you should follow some rules of social media marketing and in fact you should know the meaning of social media marketing before you use this powerful weapon for getting traffic to your website.This article is a complete guide to social media marketing and I will discuss it in a great detail along with some tips that every social media marketer should know.

We can say that Social Media is one of the most effective tool for bloggers/entrepreneurs to elevate their visitors and customers and if you don't have any experience then it could be very challenging.But don't worry I have a good experience with social media marketing and it will be very helpful for you too.

What is Social Media Marketing?

In simple words Social Media Marketing is a phenomenon of getting traffic on a website from social networking sites and Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus & LinkedIn are the most popular among them.It's a simple definition but is effective enough to give
hundredsthousands of active visitors on a website.Sometimes social media websites can be helpful in providing a backlink to your blog/website and you might know the importance of backlinks, if not then you can read this guide about Backlinks.Here is a small infographic by Radiate Content about why you should go social?

A complete guide to Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is also very effective in improving the Search Engine Optimization(SEO) of any website for example if you have written a very good article on your blog and your visitors liked it very much that they even start sharing it on their Facebook profiles, Twitter and Google plus accounts etc. then you will get more audience to your blog and your website will also rank higher in the results page as bot will consider your content more useful and informative for users because it has been re-shared the most which is very good to get traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo etc.

Tips to get most out of social media

From the above discussion, you might have understood what social media marketing is?Now its important for you to cleverly use these resources to get more and more visitors/customers on your website.Here I am going to tell you some tips that will help you to get most out of social media websites.
   1.Always be polite with everyone even if they are leaving negative comments or abusing on your           posts.

   2. Join groups and communities on Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

   3.Create some infographic and post them along with your tweet.

   4.Monitor what type of content performs best with BuzzSumo.

   5.Install social sharing buttons on your website/blog for more shares.

   6.Be sure that you have a fan page of your website or brand to get            even more shares.

   7.Try replying to each and every comment of your post whether it is positive or negative.

   8.Schedule your posts with Postcron.

   9.Use hashtags in your tweets and you might know the importance of hashtags,if not then this                 article is for you.

   10.Write long and informative posts especially on Facebook and LinkedIn.

   11.Advertise on social networking websites to get more targeted visitors to your site.

   12.Do not make any spelling mistake or grammatical error in your tweets, you can correct them                with Grammarly.


Social Media Marketing is the most effective source of getting traffic to a website and it's very important to use this resource carefully and smartly and before using it you might know what Social Media Marketing is?It can be very challenging for you if you don't have any previous experience on social media marketing.

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