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Quality Backlinks

Every Blogger or the one who is studying Search Engine Optimization(SEO) might have come across with the word Backlink several times.If you're a blogger then probably you've also heard this word at least once in your blogging career.If not, then in this article I will discuss Backlinks & why they are important for a website in detail.

What is a Backlink?

First of all I want to make you clear what a backlink is, it is just an inbound or an incoming link to a website or a web page.In simple language, it is a link that one website gets from another & it starts with an are.These backlinks are like the petrol of a car without which it can't move similarly if your blog have no backlinks then the condition of your blog will become like a bicycle without a paddle.

These links are very important for a website or a blog in terms of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) as it one of the most important factor for getting traffic from Search Engines like Google,Bing,Yahoo etc.If you're a newbie in this field then you should read this article in which I will discuss Backlinks & why they are important for getting traffic from Search Engines in detail.

Why Backlinks are very important for a website

Backlinks are very important for a website in many aspects.

They indicate the popularity of a blog/website which is directly proportional to the number of backlinks i.e more the number of backlinks of a site more is its popularity.Suppose a site has 2290 backlinks then it means that 2290 websites are directly referring it to its readers through a link.

Most popular Search Engines like Google & Bing gives priority to those websites which have a very good number of Backlinks & gives them good ranking in the search results.Suppose you publish an article on your blog which has a good number of inbound links or Backlinks near about 2k then it will rank better in Search Engine Result Page(SERP) comparing with a blog which have very less number of backlinks taking it to be 50 or 100.Dr. Peter J Meyers has discussed in detail about SERP

If you have a very good number of backlinks from most crawled websites then Search Engines especially Google will index your articles quickly.

Search Engine bots actually thinks that if a website has a very good number of backlinks then it is stuffed with really interesting and useful content which users are looking for and eventually ranks those websites at the top in the results page.
Important Points Regarding Backlinks

Backlinks are considered more relevant if they are coming from websites of same niche or category.Suppose you runs a technology blog & you get a backlink from The Geek Byte then it will be considered more relevant than a backlink from a blogging site like ShoutMeLoud.

If you have created a new blog or website then getting backlinks is also very important as you will get referral traffic from those websites who are giving you inbound links because you can't expect that people will find your site & will start reading your articles daily you will need referral traffic in the early days of your blog.

Backlinks prove to be more useful for a website if they are natural & are not created through any artificial means.

There are many websites where you can check and monitor the backlinks of your website, the most popular among them are Moz, ah refs, Backlink watch etc.Word press dashboard also shows links to your website from other blogs with the help of a widget named as Incoming Links which uses Google's blog search results to show the inbound links of a website.

Things you should avoid for getting Backlinks

Backlinks are very important for a website, but it doesn't mean that you start using bad practices to get them.Many bloggers have committed this mistake & they were forced to pay a penalty for such tactics.I am also telling you about some practices that you should avoid for getting a backlink.

Don't get caught with any webmaster for reciprocal links as you may be penalized for that & it will be harmful to the SEO of your website

Never ever try to buy backlinks from any webmaster as if you caught doing this then you will be penalized by Search Engine giant Google.

Avoid giving backlinks to sites with bad reputation i.e a spam & porn sites & which publish duplicate contents copied from the Internet.If you link those site in your blog then you will also be counted among them.

How to remove spam backlinks redirecting a website

If you found that a spam website a giving you backlinks then you should immediately remove them by using Google Disavow Tool.This tool gives enormous power to webmasters to report and submit a spam backlink to Google.You can easily find links to your website using Disavow.Here is a video by Matt Cutts of Google where he has discussed Google Disavow Tool.

Now you have understood the value of Backlinks, how they work & why they are very important for a website.Backlinks are the main factor which affects the SEO of a website so, build quality backlinks to your website by writing really interesting content.

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