Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Text or image ads which is best in Google Adsense?

If you are a blogger or web designer then you might have heard of Google Adsense several times and it is considered as the best source of income by displaying advertisements on websites by many professional is best from any other monetizing program.This is a dream of every blogger to get more and even more income from Adsense. Mainly there are two types of ads in adsense one is image ads and the other is text ads, by default Google displays both text and image ads.However you can choose whether you want only text ads,both text and image ads or only image ads in your adsense account.

What is CTR?

CTR stands for click through rate and in simple words it is the ratio of the number of clicks that you receive on your ads to the total number of page-views of your website.Actually it is calculated per 100 page-views for example if you get 3 clicks when you receive 100 page-views then the CTR of your blog is 3%.
Tips to get maximum CTR

If you're not a premium Google adsense publisher then you can only place 3 ads on a webpage so, to get maximum CTR you have to be very careful regarding the ad placement on your website.First of all replace the following ads units

    468×15 by 728×30

    300×250 by 336×280

    120×600 by 300×600

Place your ads according to Google adsense heat-map to get maximum click through rate.Here is the heat-map issued by Google.Red,Dark-orange and yellow colored placements shows best location to get maximum CTR whereas white color shows worst ad placements.

    Avoid Ad blindness because when you write good content on your blog then you gain some visitors who will often visit your blog again and again then they will start ignoring the ads because they will become so familiar with your blog's layout that they will stop noticing your ads.So,regularly change the position and size of the ads.

    Try using only one monetizing network.If you are using Google Adsense to monetize your website then do not use any other ad network like,chitika,infolinks etc.If you think that by using more than one ad network your earning will increase then you're wrong instead will find a regular decline in your adsense earning.

    If you want to earn more money from your blog then you can use affiliate programs instead of using any other monetizing program as it will not affect the click through rate.


Its very important to place ads at correct positions to get better CTR and among image ads and text ads if you use both of them together then ads will work better providing you better click through rate and ultimately your earning will also increase. I will strongly recommend to use both image and text ads on your blog if you want to earn more from Google Adsense.

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