Monday, 4 April 2016

5 Reasons To Dislike Link Building

Want to score higher in Google, then you can not avoid link building. You now need once links to your website. But it's so saaaaaaaaai ... .. or not?

1) Link building takes time

Do you want to be successful link building then you need a plan, haphazard links collection takes time and delivers little. First it is important that you know which pages you want to go left and what keywords are also included.

A page on 'keywords to find' you want other websites to link this page - if possible - the link right below these words. Google understands that exactly what the page is about - 'keywords to find - and this combination you score higher in the search results.

Keyword tracking and finding and administering of potential link partners takes a lot of time, but as mentioned, you do not then your efforts low and you'll never higher in Google.

2) Link building requires discipline

As a qualified journalist blog I prefer. Just nice pieces of writing based on keywords and spread via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. It delivers immediate visitors, newsletter subscribers and occasional customers, but you also need backlinks for a high ranking in Google. Besides blogging is decorating left so at least as important, and it requires discipline.

3) Link Building is not creative

Suf send emails to other webmasters asking if they want to link to you. Or evenings Register your site with every home you can think of. There are nicer ways to spend your evenings.

You can also creatively link-build time late Dave Lorrez e-tail look regularly in his blog. The thrust of his pieces: build a real bond with the other, and who knows there is still much more than a link.

4) Link building has nothing to do with your business

You are passionate about your work, you have a beautiful website or online store and would like to remind others there. This can perfectly through social media, press releases, blogs on your site or networking events. But gather boring links?

Think about it. You have a great shop, but no one knows it exists. You let therefore express thousand flyers and put them in every place you can think of where your customers are located.

Maybe it takes you a day or three and you get another bucket rain on your head, but if the following weeks the customers flocking you forget quickly. When link building works equally. Really nice is not it, but oh well, giving as it commands ...

5) What do you mean links, I want customers

Quick success, who would not want that? You focus you need more patience SEO. Advanced keyword research, optimizing your website, write good content and then also chasing the left, you're doing so months while not directly yielding.

Still, it's worth it, especially if you combine it with social media. Find your customers directly via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and let you find over time website through Google. So you have the best of both worlds.


Link building is not the most fun job, but it is essential for those who want to get higher in Google. Moreover, there are several ways to collect links, such as sharing articles on social media sites, guest blogging, posting answering questions or press releases. Whatever you choose, it takes time but eventually bearing fruit.

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