Monday, 4 April 2016

A blog is good for SEO

Why blogging is good for SEO?

Blogging is a must if you want to rank higher in Google. A blog regularly forces you to write new articles and the more pages your site contains, the greater the chance that a visitor find one via Google. The right keywords is hereby be adjusted important. I usually do this yourself via the Google suggestion tool. For this article I typed eg Google:

Blogging a
blogging b

at 's blog Google gave include the suggestion "SEO blog", so I deliberately put these words in the title.

How often monthly online search for the term "SEO blog" you can not see with the suggestion tool, but I find out later using Google Analytics. These are there without much difficulty a few, then it pays to get it quality backlinks for this page. In this way the page higher in Google and delivers even more visitors.

Another benefit of a blog for SEO

Search engines like Google are fond of active sites. A website where regular new - unique - items on it are usually more interesting than sites where this is not the case. The pages found previously are also included in the database. And this is yet one more chance that a visitor you.

Cons of Blogging

A major disadvantage of blogging is that it takes a lot of time. Bloggers without a clear strategy keeping therefore often seen. You do not want to walk into this trap, think in advance about ±

  • your audience
  • your message
  • The way you want to bring this to the attention
  • Your expectations of the blog

To determine a targeted blog for a clear target, patiently keywords, using social media to draw attention to the blog contributions and the necessary patience delivers a weblog always something on. Is not it early than it is late.

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