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E-mail Marketing Write Successful Newsletter

Earlier fluttered newsletter in hard copy through the mail slot, today they land abound in our inboxes. Although newsletters are actively subscribed, now even with explicit confirmation thanks to double newsletter go really getting on his nerves. And because they are poorly made and intrusive. So I show you today how to do it better: to create a customer-oriented newsletter with added value is easier than you think and definitely more effective than blunt promotional emails.
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Why the ever newsletter?

Newsletters are often treated neglected. And although many companies generate a significant part of their sales through this direct approach. E-mail marketing is an important part of individual marketing strategy and should be followed carefully, time and a straight plan. With a well-made newsletter produced their traffic, leads, sales. The newsletter is a very effective marketing tool because the subscribers are already customers, or at least interested in the company or product. With a regular newsletter can remain present in the memory and the customer.

The Newsletter of the contact lens dealer I trust I am not interested, for example, for three months, until I have to order just before almost urgent new lenses. Then, however, I very much that an e-mail the company eintrudelt to get, for example, even a bottle of contact lens solution on top. Lucky Day!


Assuming that you already have a subscriber base, of course, you know best who is your audience. As with all online content formats applies: Writing custom! It brings nothing to write to all and sundry when then feels addressed none of your 200 contacts. So you überleg in advance, what your products benefits and advantages for your subscribers. Almost all newsletter distribution tools provide the ability to send segmented. It can, therefore, be applied target groups, for example, b2b, b2c, or buyers and enthusiasts.

The first hurdle: The subject line

The open rate of your newsletter is a sure indication of your successful or not the very successful subject line. With a personal approach to attracting today more no more behind the stove out. Characters, emoticons, capitalization, and something here !!!!!!!! act untrustworthy and dissuasive. The subject must be well written and crisp: Using only 35-45 characters, the reader must be gecatcht. But please, no swagger, because honesty is known the longest. If the newsletter is open does not meet the expectations that are stoked in the subject line, the subscriber will be the next probably not open again. Or only to directly click on the link below to unsubscribe. A little pressure in the subject line does not hurt either. Give an example of concrete deadlines for advertised promotions.

Construction and design of the newsletter

As for many other types of text online is also true for the newsletter the AIDA principle: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action! After your Hammer subject has attracted the attention of customers and has led him to open the newsletter, he will directly above an exciting, short roof line or headline that arouses his interest and facilitates entry into the text. Above must be like pure tinkered your also for orientation logo.

What the client now reads below, must satisfy his needs and desires. Here, the value and the benefit of the product must be betextet. Classic Menus are saving money, health benefits, time savings or a general increase of quality of life. Provides the advantage out to your product for the recipient. With image, graphic or video below the text of the newsletter is loosened and enriched. But do not overdo it. Overweight Newsletter, which will end the most important information is not desirable. Depending on the company, product and target group can simply hold newsletters that are laid out like a normal email, be as attractive and effective.

One aim of the newsletter is, of course, to move the reader to action. So it should be incorporated several call-to-action and corresponding links or buttons, so three or four are optimum. Animates your receiver to act - to click on a link to download a PDF file or to visit the product page or blog. Well-made buttons lead to more clicks. A newsletter is not a walk in the park - so little publicity as possible, the newsletter should provide 80 percent more, added value and benefits for the subscribers.

At the bottom of the newsletter Contact information for direct feedback be given, the imprint of the company is here, and the option to unsubscribe. Also, the social media buttons should be offered for fast and easy Liken the corporate side or the contribution.

Newsletter planning and possible contents

The newsletter should be planned in the long term. The so thematic series program can be created, for example, a product of the month, the week, the season. The newsletter should be sent in a fixed, regular frequency. Whether this is a week or twice a month depends on the acceptance of the subscribers and of course the news. If there is nothing to learn and the newsletter is obsolete. The day of the release should be determined individually. Starts an analysis phase and observed the days on which the newsletter arrives particularly well. Attractive gimmicks in newsletters are of course always very popular. About special discounts, coupons or vouchers, a free ride on the new carousel or a free whitepaper rejoices many people.


For note taking again the most important points:

  • The target group texts, like with segmented address lists
  • The subject line is the bait. You must arouse curiosity and promise added value!
  • Attractive design from top to bottom: Logo, Headline / Dachzeile / speech, informative text, use of media (graphics, image or video), multiple, distributed signature call-to-actions, Contacts, Contact option unsubscribe from newsletters and social media -button
  • lure with treats such as coupons, discounts or free downloads
  • comply Regular Ausland frequency, if possible create an editorial schedule

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