Monday, 4 April 2016

Help, Google Indexes My Backlinks Or Not

Backlinks are very important for your website because they determine how popular you are and how high you score in the search results. Unfortunately, Google does not index all the links. How that can you read in this article.

In Google you through the command link: backlinks to figure out your website. Yet you lots of links see - that you know they are there - no. Well anyway Google does not show all the links, but it is also possible that the search did not find them. How can this be? There are basically give three reasons.

1) The link is hidden

The first reason is that the link is hidden too deep within the site. At a large site has a search engine to dig deep to tap the information. At one point he likes it a day and may not find your link.

The sooner find a visitor or search its information, the better it is. A general rule of thumb is that you should be able to reach important links within two clicks of the home page.

your site grows, you can choose to create more categories. An article is for example no longer on the list page 10, but on the front page of its own category, which you link through the menu.

2) Links with low value

A second common problem is that the links on websites with little or no authority. If you want search engines to discover your left, then they are preferably on popular sites with high authority and high pagerank. Search engines visit these sites regularly, and up the left so much faster.

3) Google is like a man

Imagine thirdly consider two different pages:

  • One with three clickable links with good anchor text
  • The second on a page with 250 links, of which yours is somewhere in the footer.

If you can click, which then choose from? Exactly, the logical link on the first page of the clear description. Search engines think equally, so keep this in mind when you're dealing with link building. It's not about quantity, it's about the quality.

Tip! Find out your left with Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer from the American company Moz is a search engine for links. Enter the url of a website and you see all the links to the site or a specific page. The results can then filter by the value of the links, or that do-follow or no-follow, and more. You may use Open Site Explorer 3 times a day for free.

Watch the video how Open Site Explorer works. 

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