Wednesday, 6 April 2016

If You Use Feedburner For Your Blog

To understand what FeedBurner does, I first stopped at RSS. With Really Simple Syndication (RSS), you can download information from websites without having to visit the actual website. In the case of a blog as subscribers see when there is a new post and it will be downloaded automatically through RSS. So you see at a glance which blogs are updated.
The above makes it clear that RSS is very useful to bind interested in you because once they get automatically subscribed into new products. Do you not mind that other webmasters your posting you make them also with RSS easy. They place your news through RSS automatically on their website and find a link to your site remains intact, you will get a backlink .

FeedBurner supports your blog or podcast provider no RSS then helps you out the fire.

Enable FeedBurner for your blog

Do you have a blog or website where you submit your podcasts? Then copy the url and surf to the feedburner website. Enter the address, if necessary, tick 'I'm a podaster "and click Next. Feedburner now gives a suggestion for the name of the RSS feed. Bottom of the page you can create an account in order to activate the feed. Click on Activate Feed and the RSS feed is online. Do not connect this screen.

With a program like Feed Reader or iTunes, you can now test the RSS Feed. Download and install feed reader, enter the URL of the feed (usually under File -> news feed), and click OK. If all is well, the posts and podcasts from the site or blog will automatically be downloaded. Does it work? Beautiful! If not, check the URL of the feed than typos. He still does not work then you can test your feed by FeedValidator. Enter the URL and see if he is found. If this is not the case, you will be notified.

Promote your blog

I assume that operates the feed. Return to the FeedBurner site (log back in if necessary) and click Next. In the following screens you can specify additional Feed Reader settings, such as for use with iTunes. An interesting option can be found under Publicize -> Chicklet Chooser. Find the HTML code that refers directly to the newly created feed. Add to see the code to your website or blog then visitors get a clear button, which they can directly subscribe to your feed and never miss a blog post. So convenient.

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