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SEO and internal links in Joomla

First for those not familiar with SEO super short explanation

A Web search in Google, for example, 'Joomla web design.
Google search page that fits best with this

With SEO, you ensure that your pages merging into queries of search engine users as possible. In the example, the search term 'Joomla web design "you will get a page with:
  • in the title Joomla web design '
  • in the sub-headings "Joomla web design '
  • the image name joomla-webdesign.jpg
  • etc.
Watch out and do not go crazy, because Google is not stupid. Do you use the word too often you play according to Google false (keyword stuffing) and Google places you lower?

Of course, you're not there yet because there are more websites that use this technique. How does Google know which site is best?

You can say that you are the best, but Google will not for notifying.
Google argues that a web page where many linked to is more important than a similar site without these 'voices'.
The site with the most or best quality voices (the tax authorities, for example, links to a tax adviser) put Google in the first place.

OnPage vs off page search engine optimization

Everything you do on your own site to make him perform better for search engines is called on page optimization. Much more important for Google is the off-page optimization, everything that happens outside of your site. The number of links to your site is very important for example for a high spot in Google, therefore, to obtain important links to related external sites. Think of home pages and sites of customers, but also online bookmark sites like,, and, press releases or other sites with a link to your site. Your site gets this way authority is so important for Google and will appear higher in the search results. 
Throw an anchor with anchor texts

Use the right anchor texts

Back to the example of the web page should rank high on the search term 'Joomla web design. To achieve this you should Google be as clear as possible that your page on this issue is one that your page is the most popular. Anchor Texts help.

An anchor text is a sentence contains the portion of the link. In this example, the anchor text "that contains the link," and that Google says nothing. The perfect anchor text: Joomla web design. The user and Google know exactly what to expect and this ensures maximum clarity for the search engine. So try to get links with the anchor text: Joomla web design.

Tip : People often link to a website name. Incorporate your main keywords in the domain name, you automatically have a good anchor text. So hot my website SEO and Google gets there from the terms SEO and Zwolle. Just the words that I want to be found. 
Ranking the pages

The interesting of anchor texts is that you can use them internally. So you internal PageRank passing. PageRank means that pages can vote for each other. Joomla Community links below this article to my website My site gets a vote and is slightly more popular, so important for Google. This principle also works on your website. Every time you enter text using the word "Joomla web design, you can include a link to the page associated with this keyword phrase. So you give the (PageRank) value internally, and the receiving page is more powerful Google.

Tip : with the free component Simply left you automatically have internal links too. You connect your optimized pages to your ideal anchor text, in this case 'Joomla web design. Every time you use these words now in a new article places the component is a link to "Joomla web page. You 'consent' this page as it were higher in Google.

On my own site, I have done this for countless combinations, such as higher found in Google, keywords, keywords determine etc. These are exactly the combinations in which I want to rank high in Google.

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Note about Pagerank

PageRank is a rather complex concept. Put simply, it means the left have the most value if:
  • They are on a page with a high PageRank
  • There are few outbound links
  • The anchor text is best suited to the receiving page
How do you get these kinds of links? Related websites with a high PageRank can be retrieved using browser extensions like SEO Quake and SEO Toolbar. Then you can ask interesting sites to place a link to your site.

What is much more fun, is guest blogging. Blogging is also good for SEO. You write an article that offers it at an interesting site with high page rank and asks her in exchange for free publication a link with the anchor text you specified. The advantages:
  1. You profiling yourself as an authority
  2. It delivers clicks to your site
  3. You get a valuable backlink with the ideal anchor text

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