Monday, 4 April 2016

What are buying backlinks and backlinks sense

Links to your website are essential for a high ranking in Google. If you have, you can buy backlinks little time or patience, but is it wise?

Backlinks are links to your site, so links from other sites to yours. These links are very important for a high ranking in Google for the following reasons: a cook can say that he cooks the most delicious, but it's believable as his guests do.

Internet works the same way. You can say your own site what you want, but a website gets more appreciation when others it 'recommend' by linking to it. And because Google wants its users voorschotelen visiting the best sites popular higher in search results.

Of course buy links or backlinks

Backinks are very important if you want to get higher in Google, but one link are the same. Here's a few things of interest:

  • The quality and pagerank (popularity) of the referring site
  • The relevance between the two sites
  • The frequency at which search engines visit the national site
  • The trackability of the link (nofollow / dofollow)
  • Etc

Linking to other websites is very natural and search engines look at this. It says something about the quality and the subject of the websites. Link you naturally - ie without the nofollow tag - similar to a website then additionally you offer your readers value.

Does it make sense to buy backlinks? Theoretically, you would say no, because you cheat and put Google on the wrong track. Nevertheless, these 'link spam' in practice often work, and Google (yet) as infallible as they would wish. Thus it is also an ethical issue. Does the end justify the means or fair to take you the longest? The choice is yours.

Backlinks on Link Partner, good idea?

Link pages are summary pages with links to "friendly" sites. Often close webmasters do a deal: I'll link to you if you link to me. You can do this, but many do not value these links. Moreover, it is important that the linked pages are about the same subject. A car dealer who for cement manufacturers still link goes really in a different market, and your readers will make no progress on. Want to make a link page then these tips.

1) Place the link to the link page only in the sitemap if you want to bring him not too prominently. So search engines find him and visits him. it is really neat, but it can.

2) Make something beautiful of your link page and put only really useful left. Make it so a useful reference work where your stone right and left alternating exchanged. If you do this well then supplies this possible new backlinks from websites that also find useful the list.


Link not just to every website because Google allows you liable for links to websites that are on the blacklist. In the worst case you'll get up there and you're no longer discoverable through Google. So always go for quality rather than quantity.

Have backlinks on homepages sense?

Backlinks at home and marriage have little value (especially if the administrator requires a link back), but nevertheless they have utility. Related homepages tell search engines about the field in which you know your moves and they might make you visitors. Moreover, they are free and lots of 'small' links also make another big.

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