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10 Effective Ways To Become Smarter

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Today i tell about 10 simple, effective and scientifically proven ways to pump the brain to the maximum, and to improve their intellectual abilities.

To increase the level of intelligence and force your brain to work a lot easier than you think. 
Here are a few proven ways that should help.

1. Brains

Not literally, of course. If you have ever thought about that, with some effort, you could be a little bit smarter than it is now, then it is good. Reflections on the development of intellectual abilities - the first step on the way to the goal.
Be inquisitive, constantly study new, understand how to operate you are interested in the processes to get to the very essence of the confusing things. You'll be surprised at how much the unknown surrounds you.

What to do

Take the brain useful work, switch from the usual routine at something than you are doing before. The acquisition of new skills will help the brain become more flexible and have a positive impact on your mental activity.

2. Read books

Scientific evidence shows that reading is not only expands the vocabulary and outlook, but also helps to develop the imagination    by David Comer Kidd, of Emanuele Castano.The Reading Literary Theory of Fiction Improves yet Mind. . Reading the book , we are immersed in a new world and experience the emotions that could hardly feel it really is. If you want to improve your emotional intelligence, read more good literature. This is one of the most effective ways to improve brain function.

What to do

Join the library, you can purchase a subscription to the service, where you can read the book online, make a list of books that have long wanted to read, but it did not reach his hands. Set a goal to read at least one book per month.

3. Let the will of the emotions

There are emotional intelligence, which helps us to control their feelings and manage them, and there is a rational intelligence, which is responsible for our ability to systematically thinking. As a rule, more attention is usually paid to the rational intellect, but it is not quite true.
To feel comfortable, do not forget about the emotional component that can help you learn to adapt to the constant changes and quickly resolve problems.

What to do

Do not be afraid to talk about what you feel. If you are dissatisfied with something at work or at home, tactfully let others know about it so that you were able to jointly solve the problem. Of course, to find a solution not always succeed, but at least you will not always keep the negative in itself.

4. Do all the way around

This method may seem to someone quite absurd, but it is quite effective . Try to brush your teeth with the wrong hand, which you would normally. Try to keep the mouse in the other hand. Can you?
When we make a slight change in their usual activities, our brains are forced to think about how taking into account all the changes get the same result as before. It has a beneficial effect on its functioning.

What to do

Throw your brain and make it a challenge to look for unexpected solutions. Walk to work a new route, learn to navigate by maps in an unfamiliar city, talk with your friends in the language you are learning.

5. Leave alone the search engines

We are looking for information every day and do not even think about how easy it gets to us and how quickly disappears from the head. Just a couple of clicks - and we already have the answers to all your questions.
Internet - is, of course, the easiest way to find the right information. But it makes our brain is incredibly lazy, because we do not need to think more about the fact that something we do not know.

What to do

Try to at least temporarily abandon the search engines , automatic translators, converters and calculators. Try to make calculations in mind, look for the answer in a book or a column to calculate costs. Yes, it will take much more time, but will force your brain to work and you - take care of the information.

6. Play mind games

Games and programs for stimulation of brain activity are usually developed by neurologists and cognitive psychologists specifically to improve the performance of different parts of the brain. You can find all sorts of games: some develop memory , others - care, and others to improve the orientation in space, learn to concentrate fourth.

What to do

Think about how you want to pump your brain. Do you want to train your memory?Play games that teach you to remember the different sequences. You want to be more observant? Play games in which you need to look for different items. You can choose how to train your brain.

7. Talk to yourself

Many consider talking to yourself a sign of an unstable mental state, but, as has been recently proved, in many respects they stimulate brain activity.of M.Buschkuehl, J. Jonides, the WJ Perrig.Improving Intelligence fluid with training on working a memory. .
When you say to yourself, then you learn to organize and simplify the information, and it often helps to solve problems more effectively. Of course, it would be better if you still will not talk to himself in some public places, but at home it is quite possible.

What to do

Read aloud, try speaking patters, memorize poems or sing songs. If you are trying to remember something, try to retell it to myself, as if trying to explain the incomprehensible thing stranger. To present the information in different ways: as if talking to a colleague, or as if dealing with a child. This technique makes it easier to assimilate and understand information.

8. Learn how to formulate thoughts briefly

There may come to the aid of social networks. For example, in the social network Twitter, you can only leave a record that consists of no more than 140 characters. It turns out that using Twitter, we learn to organize information and to express their thoughts clearly and concisely.
If you do not want to share their thoughts on social networks, you can simply take a piece of paper, draw a figure on it, and write down your thoughts will not go beyond its borders.

What to do

Create an account on Twitter, find a piece of paper or open a note on the phone, to decide what boundaries you ask yourself, and start writing. You can do this at any time to digress a bit.

9. Learn languages

When we learn a new language , our brain is active: we train memory, memorizing new words, learn something, something not done before, coaching conversational skills, try to think in another language. All this sometimes helps to look at the world differently.
The human brain, who speaks several languages, is much more effective than the brains of those who speak only one language.

What to do

Find services and applications that will enable you to learn foreign languages ​​easily and pleasantly. There are many good resources to help you start learning a new language. Do not forget to practice conversational skills and be sure to look for a native speaker, which can be rewritten or communicate in person.

10. Surround yourself with smart people

Setting sometimes affects us far more than we would like. So surround yourself with people who will help you become more knowledgeable in the issues that you do not understand.

What to do

Expand social circle and get acquainted with the people from whom you can learn something good. You can still join to any community of interest and find yourself there friends.
We hope you will take to your arms a couple of ways in this article.

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