Friday, 11 November 2016

7 Facebook tips for any WordPress user

I do of course you do not tell that there is a huge amount of people are active on Facebook.
When you have a website the opportunity this kind present that you do things with Facebook to reach people.
In this article, I give you, therefore, several tips on what you can do with WordPress in conjunction with Facebook.

# 1 Facebook Open Graph add metadata

When sharing a page of a site Facebook will always want to show a title, description, and image.
By Facebook, Open Graph meta data to add your website tell Facebook what the correct title, description, and the image is from a page.
Using the plugin Yoast SEO you can add it in the simplest way. Once you've installed the plugin, you can at "SEO -> Social -> Facebook" Enabling the Open Graph metadata.
From now on, you're good, and Facebook will always get the right data to use.

# 2 Wrong picture on Facebook

Although the Open Graph metadata information indicates Facebook, it can still prevent sometimes the wrong image is chosen in an article.
So it may be that you featured picture is too small and is used another image from the page.It can also have a completely different reason, but the main thing is that it is resolved.
When you have activated the Open Graph metadata on your website to indicate which image is used, then the next step is to solve it is often the Facebook Debugger .
Enter the URL of the page and click on "Debug". Then Facebook will do its work to customize it.
More information about false images in articles in WordPress you can read in the articleWrong picture on your website on Facebook .

# 3 Instant items on Facebook

Nowadays you have on Facebook "Instant items". It is a feature that allows you to write Articles 10 times faster display on a mobile device.
When you set this come to your site your articles also on the server of Facebook. When a visitor then clicks on a link to your website on Facebook, then he will see the article on the server of Facebook. The charging time will, therefore, be faster.
There are of course advantages and disadvantages if you set this for your website. So check out what is best for you. Want to set up your website, you can log in with Facebook Instant Articles . Then you can use the plugin Instant Articles for WP set up everything.

# 4 Facebook Page add plugin in WordPress

Using the Facebook Page plugin you can promote your Facebook page on your WordPress website. With the Facebook Page plugin, you can directly generate a like box and place it on your website.
In this way, visitors to your website your Facebook page can liken without leaving your website. Although it's Facebook Page plugin called is incidentally not a plugin for WordPress.You generate a page a code that you can place on your website.
More information about how to add a like box to your website you can read in the article Facebook Page Plugin folder on your WordPress site locations .

# 5 Facebook pixel on your website places

If you want to start with Facebook ads, you will soon want to integrate Facebook pixel on your website.
The Facebook pixel, you can directly send a cookie to the visitors of your website and here to create a separate ad on Facebook.
This is why you sometimes see ads on Facebook are a website you visited recently been awarded.
In the article Facebook pixel on your WordPress website places I'll show you how you can place this pixel on your website.

# 6 Facebook video embed

On Facebook, you can see plenty of videos come over and maybe you also place yourself videos on Facebook.
When you come across a video that suits your website or if you want to place your Facebook videos on your WordPress site, then you may soon lose your way.
Adding a Facebook video in WordPress does not like a YouTube video. You can add a video to get the embed code on the page include Embedded Videos & Live Video Player and paste them into your article.
For an explanation on how Facebook can embed videos on your site, you article embed Facebook videos on your WordPress website to view.

# 7 Facebook comments in WordPress

You probably ever seen again. A website where you could interact with your Facebook account. People do this way not only their name, email address, etc. to fill in a response.
In addition, it is, of course, an advantage that Facebook comments are not bothered by all the spam comments that come in WordPress. However, there can thus be no response anonymously, which not everyone will like it.
Another advantage is that by Facebook comments can generate more likes and visitors to your articles. Everything can finally even easier to share and be seen.
To Facebook comments add to your WordPress website you can plugin Facebook Comments using and follow the steps indicated by the plugin.

Can there be more?

Yes, there are still some things you can do with Facebook in combination with WordPress that I have put in here yet.
Think of a "Like" button or the ability to login to your WordPress website using your Facebook account.
It's actually quite bizarre how much everything is possible, therefore, decide for yourself what you want or not. I hope in any case that the tips in this article will further help on their way to do what you want to achieve with Facebook in combination with WordPress.

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