Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Apple's Now Offering IPhone To 15% Cheaper Than New

On Apple's website is now available reconditioned iPhone to 15% cheaper than new

The official website of Apple could always buy an iPad or a Mac with a good discount. The company is not the first regularly updates section Refurbished , offering remanufactured device, which cost a couple of hundred dollars below the official for the new gadget.

Now the list of devices that can be purchased in the section Recovered devices added to iPhones.

Currently represented by several models of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the price tag which starts at $ 449. In fact, the company offers smartphones at 15% cheaper than new ones. On the model of the iPhone 6s 32 GB you can save $ 100, while the purchase of iPhone 6s Plus - $ 120.
Image Source: Apple Website
All submitted media have been tested and certified at the factory. In the category of restored iPhone Apple has set the official year warranty. In the process of restoring all of the devices, without exception, are equipped with a new battery and the housing. Refurbished iPhone from category does not differ from the new, that's only worth $ 100 - $ 120 cheaper.

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