Monday, 7 November 2016

From What We Refuse To Buying IPhone 7

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iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is - the newest smartphone company Apple. They were presented in September, and they are working with the latest technologies. But not with all these techniques work. Smartphones competitors are able to much of what the owners of even the new iPhone is not available. Of course, not all the features of other smartphones are really useful, but maybe someone will want to see something from this list in your iPhone.
Wireless charger
Wireless Headphones Apple admits, but wireless charging for the company still does not exist. At the same time a huge number of smartphones running Android and even Windows Mobile support wireless charging. It would be nice to see wireless charging in the future iPhone.
Quick charge
Whatever powerful charging you take, it will not speed up the process of charging the battery. Devices from Google, Samsung and many other manufacturers support fast charging. Even Chinese manufacturers of smart phones using this technology. All she looks different. We consider the Google example. You can put your smartphone Pixel charge for 15 minutes, after which his charge will last for 7 hours of use.
The constant image on the screen
Samsung and some other companies that use AMOLED-display in their smartphones, can not afford to turn them off without much harm to autonomy. The smartphone can always show you the time, notifications and other information. iPhone do not know how.
Two SIM-card
Surely among our readers there are those who use the iPhone in addition to the second device for communication. Many small single rooms. Someone traveling, someone wants to share personal or business contacts. Many have two or more SIM-cards, but only iPhone users can not use them in a single smartphone. If the choice of smartphones on Android, today even the flagship devices support the work with two SIM-cards.
Of course, this is not a complete list. You can recall the memory card, and you can not forget about the headphones with a 3.5mm connector. Some people may not have enough capacity to customize the interface, someone will want to install a different web browser by default. Even the LED that different colors will notify owners of Android-devices of missed calls and messages that may appear attractive. But Apple does not hurry up with all these features.

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