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How Do You Create Content? Some Things You Need To know

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I understand that if you do not want or do not have time to produce content for the talk channel in which you are engaged, you never cimenterai in creating, on a regular basis, something that is appreciated by the public. In training courses where I teach, there is always someone who tells me not to succeed, not to be taken or not having the talent to create content. Always it makes me smile, because they are the same excuses that I told myself.


If you have the inspiration and you can get the time to make content, the advice I want to give you is to completely isolate yourself from the world, reduce noise and sounds, shut down your smartphone, remove any notice and hide the clocks. Find a comfortable and secluded position from the world, forget the time and clear the mind. Creativity is the greatest manifestation of intelligence that the human being is able to give and to be able to do is get the most organ engine par excellence, the brain. Use it to employ it means maximum to 100%.

There we are, but something is missing

Now that you're relaxed I am sure that, except in rare cases, you will not have the slightest idea. It's normal. You're not used to create and the brain is a muscle that must be trained . You can not imagine how many times I've had to fix the blank sheet of Word page open without knowing what to write. After a few minutes, this thing will annoy you, you will begin to puff and think that this is not your job, and that this post is nothing more than a collection of nonsense. Innervosendoti, your brain decreases its creative capacity and goodbye content. So what should you do? Turn off everything and return to work, go to the bar or go out with friends. But now you are aware of one thing: you're missing the idea!

The ideas constantly arise

Now that you have discovered how to isolate yourself and use your brain to 100%, you know that you lack the spark to create. To find ideas do not need to have the brain involved to the maximum; let's say that you have just 3% of this increasingly active during the day. Based on content that you think you want to create, while engaged in other activities, stay with straight antennae in search of sparkle. To happen to work definitely something you'll want to tell, a question of a friend, a news story you read in the newspaper or a discussion between colleagues. Your mind will become more and more proficient at detecting ideas now that you have assigned this task. One very important thing: if you find the idea write it right away just as on the phone. Personally I had a lot of ideas that I simply forgot why I had not written.

NOTE IN THE MARGINS: Who does it professionally, to find industry news, makes use of readership Feed (I use the excellent Digg ), applications like  Flipboard software is crawling as  Buzzsumo (I use the excellent  Digimind)

Idea and relaxation

Now that you have both main components, you can work on drafting the text and you'll see that the white paper fills up fast. At this stage count technique and your writing skills that, for reasons of space but above all the responsibility, I will not touch. Know that writing is a habit and that every time you write better and faster. Remember that most readers want information without too many flights of fancy and the blog reader is not the reader of books. Speed ​​and accessibility are the first place to an article successful.

Reason why

We complicate things. In building your content, you think about the reason why someone should read it. Write well or be satisfied by what you wrote is important, but since your intent is to get from your article people of approaching and perceive your value you will need to be attractive!
On digital platforms we are dealing with a schizophrenic public, distracted and bombarded by content. Nobody will read your beautiful post if you do not advertise it properly.
Depending on your content, you can think about how to react a certain audience, whether it is inclined to lightness and irony, or rather a serious and technical approach. In all cases, the reader is moved by the interest. It is not attracted to you, and that you have a blog, but is motivated by the satisfaction of his needs. The reader you do not care, because his need is rich thanks to your post. Want to learn or just have fun.

The title

The title is the advertising poster of your article. It contains the slogan and why would anyone read it. It works like when, despite having the best product in the world, they're wrong advertising, and you find yourself to sell a few pieces. The title is an art, in this case serving the craft and talent and I am far from being able to be considered an expert in this difficult profession. But I'll give you some advice.
In the title of up to 60 characters, could be the correct and accurate information that ignites curiosity, but without satisfying it. A call to action. The question that the reader would like to give or know the answer. The itch that generates curiosity. The accuracy of a shopping list. A pressure that creates the urgency to know the content. In some cases, if your audience is tired or ill-equipped, sbattigli the solution in the face: "How to build your own dog house."
The poster needs a suitable image, because many will click on your post intrigued right from the .
one thing to remember is that the "billboard" of your article, consisting of title, image (often well as a summary) should be a promise to keep. If you kidding expectations of those who will follow him lose the readers' estimates.


I did not enter into technical solutions I have adopted and since adopted by other bloggers. With this post I want to stress just a few little points covered by other articles of this type. To me it was very difficult to start writing and I did it by developing a model that has made the production and allowed me to understand the reasons that lead some readers to the content. My attitude and model may not be suitable for you. This is a recipe for the realization of which is always missing some ingredients, too. Find your recipe and share it.

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