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How To Beat The Supermarket And Save Money

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Our little guide to combat ill-considered purchases is not intended for shopaholics and for ordinary people. 
Such as we are.
How many times have you noted with regret that, coming out of the house just to buy bread, you brought a whole bag of supermarket products, while spending a hefty amount of money? How many times have you gave a promise not to buy anything extra and still drove up to the box office with a whole trolley of goods?
Each time, going to the store, we are entering an invisible warpath. Clever salespeople chase us through the maze of shelves with goods, creators deafen us with bright advertising, cooks try to confuse the delicious smells, and our goal - to overcome all these traps and go home with the tasks and minimal losses. Can not this is not all. Therefore, in this article we would like to acquaint you with a few tips that will help you always win their spontaneous desire and buy only what you really need.

Make a shopping list and use it

We can spend hours planning our actions at work to earn more money eventually.So why, when we start to spend, then completely forget about planning? Remember, if you often see people in the store with a shopping list in his hands? I am sure that there is. Spending money in supermarkets, most of us prefer spontaneously in "free flight" mode. Is it any wonder then results?
Compose a list of products before going into the store on a mandatory basis.Perhaps it will be just a piece of paper, perhaps - cool app for smartphones "Buy a loaf!" , But in one form or another shopping list should always be in your hands in a supermarket. This is your main weapon against hasty purchases.

Shopping for a while

For several independent studies have shown that the more time you spend in the store, the more you spend the money in it. So, try to never go into the retail space just to kill time. Try to limit the time spent on the purchase, and you will see immediately, respectively decrease the amount of your check. Think for yourself on the high-speed competition purchase and become its permanent medalist!


Perhaps you do not know, but the layout of the goods on the shelves - it's an art.Sellers have long known that actually sold the wrong item, which is better, and the one that is in the right place - at the level of your eyes. And this is on the best places only the most profitable commodity. Good for shopping, of course, but not for you.So show a little flexibility and do not hesitate to bend down and consider, and what there is on the lower shelves? You probably do for a number of discoveries and find entirely new products for themselves.

Take the basket rather than cart

It is obvious that in the basket you do not put too much shopping, also have sore hands will make you finish the walk at the supermarket quickly. Therefore, the habit of never taking the trolley, and limited to just a basket. Well, except for some exceptional cases, when you buy up before the feast, outings and so on.

Plan your meals in advance

One of the most valuable habits that will not only save you a lot of money, but also make you healthier - it's planning of the food in advance. Of course, the accurate calculation of each meal is not necessary, but make general outline is quite possible.Simply highlight once a week a little time to plan your diet for the next seven days.This will allow you to make the necessary purchases once, but not to run constantly in the shop, when he wants to eat.

Use supplies

Very often there are situations when a refrigerator full of leftovers from previous purchases, and we are already in a hurry to the store for something straight from the tin. Therefore, before going to the supermarket is enough to make an inspection of your refrigerator and pantry to understand that to go anywhere do not need. Set goals once in a while to cook "from the fact that there is." This will allow you to throw away less, save some money and to discover new recipes from long-familiar ingredients.

Watch for bonuses and promotions

Many retail chains to increase demand use loyalty systems, periodic discounts and promotions on a product group. If you use these tools thoughtfully and without fanaticism, then we can save some money. The main thing - keep a cool head and do not buy what you do not need just because it's on to applicable discount. So next time, when paying at the checkout, ask these bright magazine describing the current shares.

Allow yourself the luxury day

If you have seriously decided to limit their expenditure on the purchase, you can soon feel unhappy and disappointed. So do not be so completely clamped his desires. Select one day, for example, before the weekend, when you can let your soul to unfold. Buy yourself the new kind of chocolate or the best coffee, so as not to suffer later from unsatisfied desire. Anyway, if you do extra shopping once a week, not every day, as before, it eventually will be much better for your budget.
How do you fight the bulge shopping in supermarkets? Unable to cope with this problem or have waved his hand?

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