Monday, 21 November 2016

Unique And Recognizable: Or How Not To Waste Content

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We live in a time where old and new media are fighting effectiveness. Among the new digital media is no such speed in the transformation that compulsive.

In digital communication is easy to be forgotten. The audience that "surrounds", what you think is there waiting to read or enjoy your own content, it is not stable nor secure.

Digital In "use" information and then forget the source from which we obtained. I do it and you do, too. A "fan" on Facebook, or a follower on Twitter, are not a guarantee of visibility. They are just people who, at a particular time, expressed interest towards you, or your company. Are elements that emerge only when stimulated by a content that receives the favors of the algorithms or payment. Facebook gave itself a chance to be more visible to those who use it and gives the opportunity to those who are able to entertain users, attracting the interest, or by paying a duty. This also takes place (in part) for blogs, in which the great regulator of visibility is Google.

The vague issues of our result, force us to have a constant communication and quality, where by quality I mean able to arouse the interest, whatever the cost. We are subject to being engaged in producing high quality content. Pena oblivion.

What we save in this schizophrenic world in which we are visible only if we become cogs in a well-oiled machine, which bases the distribution of visibility on assiduous and engaging presence? Being recognizable . Have elements that, from the first glance, to provide an understanding about us and remind the absent-minded users who, in the past, have had a positive experience with us.

 The branding is now more useful than ever. Be perceived as credible and authoritative at a first glance is better than having a large following shapeless. Have you noticed that if you post your photo on Facebook you get more interaction than when posted another? Be easily recognizable is key!

So the investment we need to work is to equip ourselves with a good recognition, personal or company that (the reasoning is similar), so as not to waste the lack of visibility that we can create for ourselves in the unstable world of digital communication.

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