Monday, 21 November 2016

What Is The Influencer Marketing And Why It Does Not Always Work

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Influencer is an individual who has a communicative impact above average in a specific niche audience.

The influencers are ordinary people who, generally, have key roles in mainstream communication. These people are an opportunity for companies and products, because they are points of reference for a given audience to which they have access and which are considered authoritative.
These figures can be recognized by the continuous publication of vertical content on a specific topic, from extreme accuracy of all I publish and a strong predisposition to the report.

Companies more aware of the digital transformation taking place have realized that these people are very useful to trigger word of mouth and generate demand. Maximum effectiveness is obtained, and is engaging several of the same communication, since they are, by their nature, devoid of a large audience. Say you are sparks that carry interest and can trigger a cascade, the virality of a topic.

Why do not they work?

The reasons that may scupper a country influencer marketing are quite easy to detect and it can be summed up in these two points:

Poor selection of influencers

is not an easy task to identify the most effective elements. I noted that companies initially took into consideration accounts with more later. Bad idea, because some dishonest found ways of increasing them artificially. But then, if you wanted a celebrity, because you have called a blogger?

Content imposed

Many companies want to do innovative with the language of tradition. The language of advertising 80s does not work and, to be effective, the blogger must be able to say exactly what they think. Some youtuber USA, even if sponsored, sometimes they say clearly something wrong with the product. This makes them credible in the eyes of their audience and makes them much more effective communication.

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Why do they work?

If you have found the right people to be given carte blanche, leaving them in the right way to communicate to their audience, who know very well, be able to maximize your investment. Bloggers, those with a true result, they live up to their reputation and will never baratterebbero with a few hundred euro.
The influencers have an audience reduced to a comparison of celebrities , but much closer and prepared to respond to calls to action. Companies need to understand that if you have chosen an influencer, you have to trust and to entrust to him. If you are not sure of the choice, they will switch to another.

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