Thursday, 8 December 2016

5 Ways To Turn A House Into A Christmas Fairy Tale

Pre-Christmas time, most of us have to wait for something quite extraordinary.

1. Choose a color

For the interior of the New Year is traditionally used winter wood color. Green, white, brown usually chosen background, and added to them bright and juicy stains such as red or gold.

Image Source: Women-time

Interior New trend in 2016 is purple and lilac colors. They look very nice in quality and basic and additional colors. Dare to make a lilac main color for the upcoming holiday - an unusual solution cheer up and be remembered by guests for a long time.

Image Source: Interiorizm

The main color of the interior of the New Year, you can choose any other. They should not be too much: 2-3 tones give a huge amount of combinations.

Image Source: Modern Magazin

2. Jewellery

For interior decoration looked harmoniously, try to withstand competent color combinations. Prefer patterns of different shapes and sizes. Their alternation gives the composition a mischievous tone.

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Walking in the New Year's Eve, you begin to notice the decorations on the windows: Paper snowflakes, garland ... But many people forget how good you can decorate and sill.

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And here is the original decoration made of conventional cardboard! It is necessary to cut out stencils of thick paper and glued against each other. Inside insert a strip of foam rubber and secure it in a garland. Turn on and feel the Christmas mood!

Image Source: Novogodnieidei

3. Christmas tree

The old custom of decorating a Christmas tree with fruit, nuts, and candy is becoming topical again. And while there is nothing stopping to include fantasy. To set garlands, gold balls, you can add candy in bright packaging, walnuts, wrapped in foil, and real fruit.

Image Source: Ya2016

Along with traditional toys, spruce can be decorated with bows. They should be the same size and are designed in one scheme. You can decorate the entire tree, and they add decorative straps to the legs of chairs and shade.

Image Source: Hdwallpapers

4. Lighting

Decorate the home with the help of all festive lights. You can use Christmas lights and candles.

Image Source: Dlyakota

And you can also transform existing light sources! Your regular fixture in the New Year become fashionistas if you add a garland of pine needles and pine cones with beads and ribbons to decorate the ceiling, which can be attached to the double-sided tape.

Image Source: HGTV

5. Tableware

In order not to change the usual situation, but at the same to make a festive touch, buy fragrant candles, some fir branches, served with a table using the colorful napkin. All these accessories are quite stylish and fit can be used separately.

Image Source: Coutureeventsca

Table layout may include an original composition of fir branches. It is better to use natural fragrant pine needles, and as decoration to use bright accessories.

Image Source: 4Living

Great idea - make a surprise for guests : for every place in the dish a sweet gift or toy.

Image Source: Desktopinhg

Now you only have to send out invitation cards to their relatives and friends who will be delighted by how you have prepared!

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