Tuesday, 13 December 2016

7 Golden Rules Of Hair Care Products

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Hair does not forgive mistakes. If the bathroom you do something wrong, it will certainly affect the hairstyle. We have gathered the most important rules of care in one section to your hairstyle is always pleasing.

1.My head as often as necessary

Wash your hair every day or once a week - it is solely your choice, which depends on the type of hair, scalp conditions and time of year. If a habit to wash your hair every day negatively affects the quality of your life, but you can not otherwise is necessary to change the shampoo. It must be suitable for your skin type head because this is where accumulated sebum - the main cause of pollution hair. But do not think that he's your enemy and to choose very aggressive shampoos. Sebum protects hair from damage and scalp from excessive dryness.

When washing your hair, apply shampoo only on the roots of the hair, the hair itself is not so dirty, wash them to actively flowing foam is enough.

2.Use a balm or hair conditioner

This tool invented to your hair looked perfect not only after a beauty salon, so do not neglect it. Air conditioners and envelop the hair with a protective film and prevent them from drying out, allow the hair flakes more tightly against each other, and, accordingly, give a healthy glow.

To the result was the best, applied onto the air conditioner from the mid-length hair, is not in any way to the roots, it is because of this quickly get dirty and unkempt hair are, even after washing.

3.Do not sit with a towel on his head

Shook her hair after a bath in a turban from a towel and go watch the show / do things / manicure (underline) - Women's favorite habit. And it is - the main enemy of your hair beauty. Wet hair is very vulnerable, such as "bath" damages the structure and deprives them shine.

After washing, pat your head with a towel (in any case, not three hairs, it also hurts them) to soak up the bulk moisture. You can leave it on your shoulders so that the water from the tips soaked in it.

4.Use indelible hair products

Oils and sprays to prevent the appearance of split ends and make hair smoother and shinier, easier styling and combing.

Apply them better on dry hair on the tips or from the middle of the length. Often, these tools also protect the hair during blow-drying.

5.Choose a soft hairbrush

Combs with metal or hard teeth damage the scalp and hair. Therefore, choose the options of modern materials. Today on the market there are many cosmetic combs with soft bristles to untangle the hair and allow to keep them smooth and shiny.

Remember that the brush should be cleaned regularly to remove the remnants of styling products and skin fat that accumulates on it.

6.Use a hair protective equipment

If you love curling, Heat protective agent should be your best friend. The frequent impact of higher temperatures has a negative impact on the health of the hair, destroying the structure. Thermal minimizes the effect of curling irons or ironing and packing sheds life.

While relaxing in the warm countries, applied to the hair protection against ultraviolet radiation. This will preserve the color of colored hair and prevent them from drying out. If the hair is not painted, protection to help maintain moisture levels, protecting them from breakage.

7.Change the hairstyles

If you love to walk with the stiff tail, do not do it every day. The same applies to the beam and other hairstyles in which the hair tightly pulled together. At this point, they have a strong tension, which leads to disruption of blood circulation in the scalp, and in the future, to hair loss.

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