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8 Rules: Which Can Not Be Broken On The First Date

By following these rules you will greatly increase your chances for a second meeting after the first date.
The first date is a bit like a university entrance exam or a job interview. Of course, we are not talking about the main event in your life - all the fun is just beginning. Nevertheless, the successful first date - a kind of a pass that gives the right to continue the game and go to the next level. To make a good impression, try to follow a few simple rules.

Rule №1. Do not get drunk before the loss of pulse

Moderate amounts of alcohol - a great primer for any peace talk. The key word in this sentence - in moderation.

Of course, in life there is a place of different stories. Sometimes successful joint buster on a first date becomes the key to a happy and strong relationship for many years. However, such a development - rather exception to the rule.

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The reality is that if your companion (or satellite) had too much on the first date, and behaves like a cheeky monster, you would not want to find a better companion, even if the person in front of you a large and dazzling soul. Inner beauty can simply not have time (and then do not want) to see behind the veil of drunken revelations that seem to be relevant only to the speaker. In fact, they represent the usual drunken delirium.

Rule №2. Do not be rude taxi driver and do not flirt with a waitress

On the first date leads us often desire to please his companion. As a rule, in a society of who we nice, we behave a little differently than usual. We hope to make a good impression and gain the approval.

But that first meeting did not last enough to comply with the basic rules of politeness is only in relation to his companion. Often a conclusion about what you actually can do to communicate with others - waiters, cloakroom, vendors, taxi drivers and other people who were close to this point.

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Even in relation to his companion you behave like a London dandy, any rudeness towards staff can be seen as a litmus test, indicating your natural bad manners. The same applies to girls. Even if you are languid beauty, smiling Cheshire cat, it is not an excuse and not a reason to be rude to the cloakroom attendant.

Another notoriously bad strategy to date - to flirt with other people. Believe that your companion (companion) expects to provide tokens you him (her), and not a man at the next table or waitress takes orders.

Rule №3. Do not talk only about yourself - ask questions

Appointment implies not a monologue, but a dialogue. Any conversation presupposes feedback. If your interlocutor speaks only of himself, he does not ask any questions, and has already managed to present to you my detailed biography with a description of childhood diseases, adult allergies and deficiencies best friend - perhaps this says about his obsession with himself (or banal self-interest) and more the complete lack of interest in your person.

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A date for this satellite, as well as any meeting, - the ability to find free ears. Decide what suits you and what does not - only you. But I would not want to waste my time wasted on someone who just wants to be listened to.

The root of the problem may lie in a total mismatch of temperaments or in an elementary lack of interest in the opposite person.

Rule №4. Do not bring the conversation to the former

The rich past - a good source of topics for conversation on a first date, if not to join the discussion on the slippery path of former attachments. Thread former general delicate, and many couples have not come to a consensus about whether to discuss their past relationship.

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If this topic is still possible to debate, then start talking about your ex on a first date - mauvais ton. In the long term this tactic quite a failure.

If you speak disrespectfully to their former, the interlocutor may be several reasonable question: "Why do you have with him, if everything is so bad?". In addition, description of the tragic painful break hardly do without the flood of negative emotions, which are on the first date do not need you or your companion.

Rule №5. Do not come on the first date in the company of a friend or a friend

It would seem obvious: if you are invited on a date, it is implied that you come alone or alone. Nevertheless, half of my interlocutors admitted that their lives have been cases where the same girl came out on a date not one, but with a friend, and welcome young people came to the meeting in the company of a few friends.
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Life - an interesting thing. Perhaps your destiny - just not the one who invited you on a date after the fleeting acquaintances, and his friend, suddenly found this evening in the same bar. But if you are invited to the meeting , it is expected that the meeting will come just you. So if you want to continue the party, and to be invited to a second meeting, you may want to keep an army of friends to hang out without you.

Rule №6. Do not spend all date, buried in the phone

We live in a changing world of gadgets, where smartphones defeated our attention completely occupied consciousness. But the romance first date suggests that you give up this every minute needs and not to be missed for the phone at the slightest hint of vibration.

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Imagine that you are invited to interview the girl, and she is keen only because checks chats in instant messengers, puts huskies in Instagram and reading other people's statuses on Facebook. Not very nice, is not it? All this, as well as any urgent matters can wait a couple of hours, when at stake is your personal life. At the meeting have their limitations, and if you decide to go to the sport, then play by the rules.

Rule №7. Do not behave like a freak

Recently one of my friends told me to paint a memorable encounter with a cute girl who is on the first date has proved to be a bit of a strange hand.

The bar girl standing ordered tequila shots and soak obscene jokes. Then she started to unbutton his shirt and the guy said, that in general is ready to go "fun."

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Surprisingly, the guy was not ready for such rapid developments. He ordered a taxi to go from the bar, as she is almost divide it into people. In the taxi lady in every way I showed that it is ready for everything, and now, but for some reason my friend politely she refused .

Girl scared angry, began to insult him, struck on the cheek. As soon as the taxi stopped at his house, she went out with a guy and proudly stated that just does not give up and will not leave.

Maybe for someone this girl's head - a real dream, however experience has shown that not all guys want such a development on the first date. Consent of the parties can only be achieved by mutual request.

Rule №8. Do not tell me too much and not to beg gifts

Do not take a first date as the last chance to speak and be heard. It is not necessary to fill up the interlocutor their problems and complex storylines of the lives of your friends and relatives.

Interesting conversation implies a fascinating stories, but do not put your interlocutor in a situation where after the first date, he knows about you too much.

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Another important point - it is not necessary to demonstrate the essence of its consumer, begging for gifts and ordering in a restaurant all the most expensive.

First date - not the last chance to break away, not attraction of gifts and not a demonstration of available benefits. This is just an opportunity to meet and get to know each other. The man who feels that he saw in it a cash cow, run away faster than you can think about the second date.

It would seem that we have listed quite banal and obvious wisdom. However, not all the rules surrounding know, and if they do, they do not always comply. And in vain!

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