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9 Easiest Ways To Improve Your Self-Esteem

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Even the best of us sometimes doubt them. We begin to ask questions. And suddenly I'm not good enough? What if I'm really bad and an uninteresting person not competent and not what can not? Such thoughts are destructive. We must learn to deal with them.

1. Talk to the mirror

As strange as it may sound, but you need to learn to talk with his reflection in the mirror. And not just to talk, and to convince you that it is the best, gifted, capable and confident.
This idea may seem silly. Do not pay attention to it and start to practice. Convince reflected in their own strength and righteousness. If you do this exercise regularly, it will necessarily result.

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2. To banish bad thoughts

The bad and negative thoughts, how tenacious spider webs we can braid doubt. Most often, of course, it happens at bedtime. At night, even small mistakes cut the ground from under their feet.

You'll need all the will to get rid of those thoughts away. It will be difficult, but you try. Otherwise, uncertainty will swallow your head.

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3. Introspect

Take a sheet of paper and divide it into three parts. In a record ten of its strengths in the other - Ten achievements in the third - ten things you currently enjoy.

It is not necessary to record the most significant achievements or major traits. It can be a strong point, and the ability to bake the perfect pizza.

These lists need to remind yourself how much you are cool.

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4. Do not compare yourself with others

Neither in reality nor in the social networks. On the Internet, everyone is trying to create a semblance of the ideal life, which should not be trusted. And I certainly can not compare ourselves with some ephemeral virtual image.

You can not shake the feeling that everything is better than you? Then do this: be interested in the lives of others, but do not compare yourself with them, and find out exactly how they achieved success.

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5. Be kind to yourself

We set to very stringent requirements and reprove himself for offenses that would forgive the other person in a minute. Do not do this. Be kind to yourself, cease to engage in self-flagellation, and treat your actions and thoughts with understanding and compassion.

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6. Seek support

It is important that you were a man, you can rely on. Friends greatly affect the way we feel on our level of happiness, self-esteem.

Surround yourself with those who help to feel better, improve your mood and smile every day.

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7. Do not forget about the basics

Talking with my reflection, or by writing a list of ten achievements, do not forget about the simple principles:

  • Eat right.
  • Wear clean and nice clothes.
  • Keep track of personal hygiene.

Why is it important to be clean and look good? Because it helps you feel better and more confident.

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8. Engage in charity

Numerous studies have shown that helping others makes us feel better. Volunteering and charity make us happy. Helping those less fortunate, you start to appreciate what you have. In addition, a very nice stretch a helping hand. This is a simple and a good deal.

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9. Learn new

Firstly, it is fun and interesting. Secondly, you will find new acquaintances and friends. Find out what courses are available in your town. Perhaps you - a good cook, artist or chess. Feel free to go to group classes? Then try online courses.

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