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Babies Need To Sleep In The Bed Mom Until At least 3 Years. Here We Tell The Important Reason

Experts tell you the recommended for children to sleep in the same bed with parents age.

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A few years ago Margot Sunderland explained in his book "The Science of Parenting" that the maximum age of children sleeping with mom and dad was up to 5 years. Recently Nils Bergman, a neonatologist and director of the Mowbray Maternity Hospital in South Africa, supported the earlier recommendation, only he lowered the age to 3 years maximum.

Nils says that youngsters who sleep with their parents suffer less trauma and insecurity also those babies who sleep in the mother's breast rest better than those who sleep in a crib, always find the most reconfortables arms.

We all know that when they are young, children show some conflict to sleep alone, as this generates fear, it could have an impact when they are older. It is therefore recommended to sleep with parents until a certain age, but the fact is that brain development of children varies widely and not in all cases applies equally, there are those from small enjoy more independence and other attachment towards with parents.

The fear of sudden death and the cradle

The recommendations are varied, as compared to infant sleep and sudden death say that the ideal is that babies do not share bed, but they are in their crib, although sharing a room. Even made an analysis in the UK, where the results showed a high percentage on the issue of unexplained deaths of children, of which it was determined that shared a bed with parents. Because of that, the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (Foundation for the Study of infant mortality) has made a campaign for parents and children do not share bed.

However, Dr. Bergman, one of the parents called KMC, differs from the above, it argues that the causes of these deaths may be others, such as parents are smokers, who have drunk alcohol, using cushions or large pillows that reach the height of babies, and so on. So advises parents to take necessary measures to prevent any situation that endangers children.

By Bergman sleep study of children

Bergman conducted a study with 16 children to recommend that small sleep up to 3 years with their parents.

It was found that babies who sleep alone in a crib with a stress level up to three times higher than babies who sleep on their mother's chest. Besides having interruptions in their sleep cycles, something vitally important in the overall development of the baby's organs. Likewise, they are sleeping with parents did peacefully and without interruption.

Is it normal that babies get stressed?

Yes, it is normal, they also become stressed and feel nerves and adults, the difference is that we can find solutions for it, but babies do not and neither can you know how they feel, as though crying is the way they to express themselves, it is not possible to know precisely what happens. It would be best to avoid getting to that state but how? A task very complicated to solve.

To conclude, it is best that as parents read, learn, listen, share tips with others and take the most convenient and decide for themselves. There are many theories, but eventually the parents end up choosing what is best for their children.

Something that certainly agree with Nils is that adults are more rational than babies and are better able to understand the loneliness and separation, they do not understand and so stressed, it is best not to force them to anything unprepared, are stages and will not sit parked in a lifetime, all in due time.

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