Friday, 2 December 2016


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Gasp! For someone who has said many times that frequent blogging is important to grow, it is a step back is not easy. But if you always say, "Fun in blogging is most important", then you sometimes have to make choices.

"I recently had a stage without writing inspiration huh? How do you get through it? "
Me:" Especially with Blog Response I got it. It remains difficult to come up with new ideas for articles. As if the cake gets once. And in other cases, I have written too much at once, so I'm just here to blog more. Does not matter, because I've obviously written ahead and I can afford it. "

I have just wanted them to put three articles per week. But there is the rub: several times a week just does not work anymore. Writing in itself is me well, but think of the ideas and work out takes time and me usually less that I would like. Many up in little time again means that it is at the expense of the quality. Is that so desirable?

In the latter, she absolutely right; there's a lot and it is valuable. I explain the benefits of frequent blogging and what it does to your growth. But while her explanation of how it works, I realize two important things. First of all; I do not pretend that pleasure in blogging is the most important thing to keep going? Yes! Second; I would necessarily be enormous? No, that last one was never my goal. I started Blog Response because I was sitting at home after a cutback. No idea how long I would sit at home and inaction is simply not my thing. Blog Response was started and yes, it has occupied me a lot in the time I was at home. But unexpectedly fast I signed a contract for a new job.

A new job where I am now, after more than half a year, still goes every day whistling. But it's not a job that ends after office hours. Apart from the fact that I at night sometimes just inspiration get to a travel blog (I work for the best and best online travel company in the Netherlands), whether you sometimes have to do with airplanes falling from the sky, anxious travelers, and web care. Not very, I do it with love. But it does mean that it is sometimes a bit too much. And when I'm back at the point now that I think, "Where I go again writing about," I get frustrated.

Add to that my good intentions for 2016 really be 'less sit at the computer' is. At work, I am 8 hours per day with text and content involved. At night I crawl back behind my laptop. Healthy? No, not in the long term. Cosy? No, dear friend not always. That is happier when I come to him to lie on the couch and finally retroactively all those episodes of Adultery check with him.

My good intentions meant that I could finally take a decision. I'm gonna 'have to' get off. I write when I have inspiration, whether it's twice a month, once a week or more often. In between, you know where to find me with questions, right?

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