Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Huawei: Quad-screen incoming Edge

Image Source: mndroid

According to some rumors, Huawei Corporation would be willing to provide for the release of a smartphone that not only the tracings of the already observed Xiaomi Mi Mix style but that introduces a serious revolution in terms of usability of the component, with the ability to be able to touch hand a smartphone really Ful-Screen, it has a very impressive screen-to-body relationship.

To achieve its aim, the Huawei smartphone division counts on making a Quad-Edge device, which not only provided a model with spherical curvature on the sides, like Galaxy S7 Edge but also to the inner and upper edges.

A scientist of the Laboratory Watt, a subsidiary of Huawei, has confirmed that the manufacturer is preparing to introduce a phone with super fast charging system by the end of this December. There are those who assume just the Huawei Quad Edge smartphone as the next potential output veteran dizzying implementations.

For the new smartphone is hoped the total absence of components on the front profile of the same.

No camera, physical Home button or fingerprint sensor seems to be housed on the front. Similar deficiencies also with regard to the audio jack of 3.5mm headphones (on the example of Apple with its iPhone last 7), now replaced by the new standard provided by USB Type-C. All components, except for the camera module, may find a place in the "underskin" area of the front panel of the device. Totally clean profiles, which make interaction facilitated and maximized the strengths.

The probable date of presentation could be the 16th of this month.

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