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Increase Engagement With Your Readers How You Do It!

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How beautiful your (new) blog is, how much time you've also put in good articles, readers will not come naturally to themselves. You will for engagement should worry, you'll have to involve you and your blog. How to do this? Check out these tips to increase engagement with your readers and followers. And make sure they come back time after time.

Warning: Increase engagement with your readers takes time!

Blog Responce is known for giving practical tips that you can implement right away and often also another effect immediately. Commitment to build, however, takes time. Not hours or days, but weeks and months and even years. But building a concerned group of readers and followers - who all love to share your items and provide even more engaged readers - is definitely worth the time!

Be a constant factor

Readers (and also your followers on social media ) should be able to rely on you. Post regularly and not one time three times a day and for weeks nothing. You lose touch with your readers. Do not you have time to blog every day then this is not an immediate problem, but make sure you know when it'll be. For example, earlier this year were treated to a useful article with tips blog. They could be confident that this was online and came specially for this to Lisanne's website on their day.

Bring a structure where possible in your weekly series. Do you have a fashion blog and share your (irregular) fashion blunders? Why not?Do you have a lifestyle blog and would like to weekly look at your life? Connect out the week (Sunday evening) or start the new week with it (Monday). By thinking in this structure you will yourself notice that you're consistent. You have reminders to write about certain topics and actually go looking for inspiration.

Make sure your readers feel valued

It's great to see how many people have read your article and of course you put a lot of time in that more people will find this article. But let the figures loose and focus on the people who found this article. Make sure they feel appreciated!

How? Respond to their comments below the articles and social media. And then, of course, not only: "Thank you for your comment. Help them with questions, ask themselves where necessary additional questions to start a conversation. If they feel valued, they will automatically become involved with you and your blog. Oh, and do not forget to answer your visitors email (extended). Followers appreciate if you have time to take them!

Use internal links

Remember, every blog post you write, you can still refer to other articles you have written previously. Encourages people to read more of your articles, which then also prefer to turn dissolves into inspiration or one of their problems. Never did? Do it now retrospectively. Showing 'Relevant articles at the bottom of your article is also a good way to keep people longer to turn on your blog hang otherwise.

Leave comments on other blogs and share on social media

Blogging requires a lot of your time and it can only happen if you are going to visit himself less and less other websites, let alone respond to other blogs. And while this works just as well to build a network of readers involved. Make sure you have a fixed time weekly (preferably daily, or else several times a week) pricks to do so indeed.

hereby choose a handful of bloggers, preferably in the same segment. Reply not only on their blogs, but also share their work on social media. Let them talk on social media and bloggers give it your appreciation. This way, they know your name and face and they will quickly come your way.

Write guest blogs

Let regularly see your face under a new audience, for example by writing guest blogs for fellow bloggers. Make a list of the blogs that might be interesting for you, get to know the style of the blogs and make a proposal to the owner of the blog. Make sure that your high-quality guest blog, contains unique content (content other than what you've already published itself) and they will not easily say 'no'. They also know the value of allowing guest bloggers as well!

If your guest blog is great in the audience of the other blogs, they will no doubt to click through your website (make an extra paragraph that is about who you are, what you do and where you can find) and you will follow. Added value of writing guest blog on relevant blogs: Google will prefer to find if your back links generated from relevant blogs with high authority. Your authority is rising along with it.

Invite to reactions

Do you want more interaction, involvement and reactions? Set at the bottom of your blog post a question to your visitor. Ask them for advice and their opinion. People are once loved now to share their own knowledge and experiences. Encourage them herein.

Share your knowledge

If you blog about a particular expertise and you feel that you have a lot of knowledge, do not hesitate to share it. Not only on your blog, as well as online forums and Facebook groups. Help your people on the road with one of their problems (also divided by example, links to useful blog articles) then they see you soon as an expert in your niche. They'll go to follow because they think you can help them perhaps more on the way.

It takes time, increase engagement with your readers and followers, but then you have some. Use it to your advantage!
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