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Monetization Affiliate Marketing - How To Start And How To Succeed

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Affiliate Marketing, or as it is sometimes called, affiliate marketing is one of the main tools in internet marketing . Its meaning is to promote certain products or services of other companies and receiving for it interest from sales. This type of marketing offers large companies operating in the field of e-commerce, new ways of production and sales can increase sales in a relatively affordable price to those who help promote their products. Such cooperation is beneficial for both companies, products are promoted, as well as for those who contribute to this promotion. This mutually beneficial partnership, which is a growth of the Internet allows the manufacturer of the goods and the partner to see more clearly the overall objective - increasing sales.

Unlike many other types of business outside the usual online to start using affiliate marketing, not necessarily to have some serious start-up capital. One of the reasons why many people do not get to be successful in this kind of business is that they do not want to follow anyone proven techniques and try to do everything at once. If you really want to achieve good results in affiliate marketing, you need to find and choose the technique that really someone tested and works in practice. The only way you can get something really serious. In this article, we have prepared a few tips and tricks that will help you with this.

Success requires patience

First of all, you need to understand that this type of business does not bring you millions overnight. Oh, and you need to have the basic knowledge that we give you in this article. If you are ready for it, then go for it, but it is important to understand that to master this knowledge into practice takes time.

Your audience is more important than the percentage of sales

Everyone wants to immediately get a high income, but should not forget that those customers that you buy lures affiliate products can potentially become your customers. Your visitors - is the lifeblood of your business, so do not pay attention only to the high percentage of sales.

You need a website

To participate in the affiliate program, it is desirable to have a website. You do not seriously think that you can achieve anything if you simply place your affiliate links in all social networks? Even if you create a high-quality group on Facebook or VK with a well-organized structure, you will not have full control over their business, placing him on the third-party site. Your content at any time may be removed for various reasons. That is why you should create your own website, which you will manage themselves, and create it's own customer base. To create the site, we recommend using the WordPress , optimal in many respects CMS-platform.

Selection of the market segment

Selection of areas of activity in which you want to work, not an easy task. There is a possibility that you select a region that will not bring you a dime, and as a result, you will simply waste time and effort. You do not want that, right? So, the choice of the market segment in which you want to work, you should ask yourself some questions.

  • Do people Seek content associated with this area?
  • Can I somehow solve the problems of your potential customers?
  • Are there many other major companies can be found in Google for your searches? Will it compete with them and make money?
  • Do I understand in this area well enough to be at her best?

Good study and enjoy your activity

Some people create sites on topics about which they do not have a clue. But knowledge is not enough sometimes - we are convinced that it is necessary not just to know what you're talking about, but also love it with all my heart. Most successful people become so precisely because they live their work. If you do not wake up every day thinking about what you have interesting work and enjoy all that you do, you are unlikely to succeed to achieve significant results. If you know this yourself, we suggest you seriously reconsider and possibly change the theme to the one that would be more interesting to you. Even if you succeed and excel in this field, you will sooner or later get bored. For this reason, it should be considered as a thorough investigation, and it is your passion when choosing topics for your site.

What to sell?

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If you have already decided on the scope of activities that you want to do, it's time to decide what to promote and sell? This is a very important question because to sell all at once does not make sense.

Here are a few questions that you need to answer, and tips which you need to listen, to understand what kind of affiliate products and services you should promote.

  • The best way to sell a product - to use it on their own. Are you ready to buy it for yourself before you start to sell it?
  • Is the advertised product to your content?
  • When advertising products of other people and companies do not forget about their own reputation. Ask yourself whether the product quality and whether it can meet the needs of the client.
  • Has the seller / manufacturer of the product you are promoting, after-sales service?
  • It looks whether the seller of the page able to attract visitors and encourage them to purchase goods?

Where to look for affiliate products?

This is probably the most tedious, but the most important part of the whole process. There are both individual companies that offer affiliate programs and ad hoc networks to search for such programs. Let's start with the latter.

Affiliate Networks - are sites that monitor affiliate programs for each seller. On these sites, you can find hundreds of sellers who want to find partners to participate in its programs. Most of them operate on the principle of "payment for Sale» (pay per sale) or "fee for lead» (pay per lead). Some networks, such as Google release the AdSense, pay for a particular action (pay per action). Here are some known affiliate networks: Clickbank, Shareasale, Linkshare, JVZoo , Commission Junction. We should also mention the excellent set of resources for search templates , plug-ins , tools for designers and many other Australian companies from Envato.

Some retailers offer affiliate programs on your own site. If you see that some sites sell someone's product, try to go directly to the seller. So work is more profitable and more convenient, but it is necessary to trust only proven and reputable sellers.

You can also explore the sites of your competitors and find affiliate programs for the products that they sell.

AdSense banners work on the proven principle of contextual advertising. They know which ads and become more successful with some content. Why not take advantage of their example? Posted on his blog AdSense unit and see what kind of ads appear on your pages. Once you determine which pages are more profitable, you can remove these pages with this unit.

Affiliate Marketing - How to start and how to succeed

Where to place affiliate links and banners?

Affiliate banners in the sidebar place only of beauty. Banner will give real results only if it is placed within the content. Exactly recommends service Google AdSense. Google has preferred to place such ads that really relate to the content so that they blend harmoniously with the text and were an integral part of your site. But the most important thing to a product that you are advertising and promoting, was closely connected with the fact, as discussed in the text. If a visitor is spending time reading it, he is very interested in the information provided, and logical would be to tell him about exactly the product, which could interest him. This undoubtedly increases the likelihood of purchase.

Use only the useful content

If your content does not have the information that would interest a potential customer, such content will not do you any good. Each carefully written article provides you the opportunity to make a profit, so take it seriously. The text should not only be unique; it must involve the customer with valuable information and cause his desire to buy a product. You have to write really selling texts , to be sold as products, and products of its partners.

Attract targeted traffic

To find out whether or not your content and affiliate links bring a result, it is necessary to attract to your website visitors to a certain range.

Here are some short tips on how to reach your target audience to your site:

- Write guest articles on other sites on which you can find potential clients;

- Share your content on social networks;

- Create a free PDF file (for example, the summary report) that leads back to your content;

- Work with subscribers via e-mail, informing them about new articles on the site.

Use only the paid hosting

If you want to successfully use affiliate marketing on your site, you should not use free web hosting or bloggers platform. When choosing a web host you need to evaluate it from a business perspective. Will your site receive high-quality services and work without interruption? It is unlikely that free web hosting you will be able to guarantee this. More details about the disadvantages of free hosting we have said before, so we recommend not to waste time on such a decision and choose a really decent hosting company.


Remember, you do not need to change their business model, as long as you do not feel skilled enough to use a particular method of work. If you follow this principle, you will succeed. Visitors do not really care how many affiliate links placed on your site. Your main goal is that you have to help them to find the goods, providing a convenient way of buying by placing the required number of affiliate links in the right places. This will help you to achieve success in affiliate marketing.

If you are already participating in any affiliate program, share with us and our readers their experiences. What difficulties have you faced and how did you overcome them? We are interested in learning more real stories.

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