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SEO Analysis Of A Website: The Guidance Of Blog Responce

What does make the SEO analysis of a website? Why is it important? Following are some tips for making effective SEO analysis and improve well placement.

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We decided to create a short guide that can be used by all those who approach the world of SEO for the first time. If you are reading this article you probably know what it means to do SEO and position a website. If you are a complete beginner you explain it simply: the SEO includes all those activities which aim to place a website in Google SERP. This positioning can be of natural causes, such as the length of a domain and content contained within the website, or can be designed specifically for professionals. What does an SEO professional? Studies and analyzes the competition and the sector of reference to understand how you are moving and trying to figure out what the best keywords in which to invest in positioning the website in question.


It sounds simple answer to this question: to position myself better on the search engines. But I do not think is enough. SEO analysis can bring many benefits: increase in visits resulting in increased sales, the competitive analysis which, if properly exploited, gives us many ideas of reflection to figure out which way to turn our activities.

well, if you've read this far means that now you expect some advice on how to start moving to scale this blessed Serp and learn more about your competitors.


We told you about keywords because search engines work on the thousands of searches that happen every day by people like you and me.

We start checking the Serp for keywords that you think may affect you. Take for example a tire of Bergamo. I believe that the keywords that relate to me are "tire change", "Bergamo winter tires" and "sale" tires will begin to analyze the results that emerge from this research. Unfortunately, I already give you some bad news: do not always believe the words that relate to our business are also those actually looking for. Being first in Serp with words that no one tries it makes little sense. Then we proceed by analyzing the following aspects:

The results obtained from the research also changing the geo-location parameters (yes, Google Geolocate vi)
The planner keywords Google (if your computer skills are right), so as to verify the information relating to a specific keyword.


There are tools that allow you to quickly analyze our site optic SEO. Before proceeding to talk about these valuable tools, however, it is better to check if our web site is actually well prepared for optimization. The first thing I recommend you do is to go to GTmetrix and verify the loading speed of your website. The speed of a website is one of the factors that the Google ranking algorithm takes into greater account. No one likes a slow site, and the risk is precise to lose customers because your home is not fast enough to load.

Let us see in detail the tools that allow us to analyze our site and those of the competition in more depth:

  • SEMRush is a tool to provide different data about a website and its competitors. With this suite of online marketing tools, you can compare the domains of competition and estimate the difficulties of keywords and perform direct search domain vs domain to understand how it is moving competition than to you.

If you are wondering which of these is the tool for you, rest assured, there is no definitive answer. They take the view that both are excellent tools for SEO analysis and that each of them has its peculiarities. SEMRush is a multinational company in the industry that for years has never stopped improving. My advice is to try both and then if you want, we will be happy to hear your opinion about it.

Another tool that I would recommend, especially at an early stage of analysis, it SEO Site Checkup. This tool allows you to have SEO overall rather complete analysis taking into account important factors such as alt image tags and alteration website.


Now we turn to some technical observation to ensure that the search engines begin to analyze:

  • Google Webmaster Tools: This tool is of paramount importance since it allows the submission of sitemap, the robots.txt file and displays errors detected by the Google crawler.

  • Google Analytics, that can track the visits to our site, bounce rate, links pointing to the site and user behavior.

If you want to go into that we invite you to read our previous articles regarding the world of SEO. If you want to receive more information and free SEO analysis of your website visit regularly for latest articles.

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