Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Idea At The Base Of A Good Content

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Before you can create technically a content, you must have an idea. The idea is that thing that makes it unique execution. It is the spark that triggers the explosive, but is itself the explosive.

The technique is learned. You learn to read, write, or install a video. What you do not learn is how to make the manuals come ideas. The ideas come from observation and experience, derived from all that is analyzed and it is imagined by making existing models. The most popular content is disruptive, that the foundation maintains an understandable reference to boost innovation. In the words of the psychologist Howard Gardner , "to be creative means first doing something unusual ... on the other hand, however unusual, the idea has to be logical enough for people to take it seriously" . People do not understand you if you do not add the usual to the unusual or does not provide them accurate references.

The idea is the most complex element: if it is trivial the discarded, if it's too complicated it becomes difficult to communicate and find an audience that knows how to appreciate it.

At the beginning of your content search path it is much simpler, because every idea will seem
fantastic. When you have a loyal audience takes fear to disappoint maybe propinano insight as told by some of your bloggers "competitor".

Running is the easiest thing. Once we had the idea, write the content or shoot the video is pure fun. The technique and experience help to express the idea, but when there is nothing they can.

The content must have references with something known, must be simple and unexpected, given the information and interpretation. The ideas are used to shape the content and communicate your ability to reason, the ability to compare models and concepts to deliver value to those who read.
At this serves the content. To share a value that will perceive you as a person of value.

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