Thursday, 1 December 2016

Video for Facebook: How To Do?

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Decide on a strategy of content on platforms that change aimed at an audience that changes with them is not easy.

The premise is this: there are basically two popular platforms in which to insert videos, YouTube and Facebook (I know, you can enter anywhere, but let's face the reality). First, YouTube has a vocation (but is turning) from search engine and is more appreciated by a young audience. In this platform, the public is patient. Goes there to watch videos, so do not hurry to go see if the grill of his cousin, in the photos, there is a girl that he likes so much. Facebook , in contrast, is a village square where you go from one content as if you were at the sausage fair. In this case, the video is seen only under certain conditions and are more rewarded by the view as fast, simple and "entertainment", even in the worst sense of the term.

If I were a filmmaker I would have no doubts over where to post, Vimeo . Even if I made video tutorials and product reviews, software and video games I would not doubt, the place is YouTube! Doubt is when my intention is to turn into pills video, content, and concepts that stretch 300-400 words on the blog. For attitude, but also a matter of time, I would not throw me in the videos that go beyond the minute. I also believe that a one-minute video is more appreciated by those who have a mindset , more prone to leisure to personal training. The challenge is to get my content, deliberately informative, to an audience that has little time and love quickly inquire.

This is a challenge that I'm thinking for months. By comparison, make the blog has been a breeze. The videos require technical preparation and execution of content ( actor ) that you can not leave it to chance. My reference points are high and, incredibly, none of these has a technique and a strategy similar to that of others. If the blog was written perceive a difference of character and narrative, the video makes it even more unique people and content.

In summary, the goal of those who create content is increasingly gaining visibility and estimated at a specific audience. The blog , over the years, has given me satisfaction and job opportunities. The first tests with the videos are very encouraging, but they are far from having identified a way that convinces me. I had found the blog, but for which I begin to glimpse the sunset ( I did not say that he is dead or dying, huh! ).
This time is you have to help me. Any idea in this regard is welcome. I wrote this post because the disinterested suggestions I have received in recent weeks I have served much. I thought I could ask readers, knowing that their "collective intelligence" is far superior to mine.

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