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Monday, 12 December 2016

What Is HTTPS And Why You Need On Your Blog

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Not so long ago seemed addresses that start with https reserved for banks and other organizations that sensitive information exchanged through the network. Nowadays you see more and more "regular blogs" with such a https connection. But what exactly is https, and your blog really need?

What is https?

When an internet user via his browser requests a page from a web server is done according to certain procedures (protocols). Https - which stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure -  data sent is encrypted automatically. It is the safest protocol on the Internet. It greatly reduces the chances that Internet pirates intercept data.

Internet user recognizes such a secure site at https for the domain name in the browser address bar. And of course the distinctive padlock of the internet address.

Need https on your blog?

On a typical blog, you obviously do not go directly to the corridor with personal information from your visitors. A real need is https therefore maybe not. Of course, that changes as you go ask people to sensitive information. Sell your products through your blog or services (and you have so early or late payment information required), you can not escape.

Whether you want to work with personal information of visitors or not, such a https connection is, of course, a clear signal to your visitors. You give the blogger know that you are serious about the security of your blog.

And finally, Google has a good year ago indicated that sites will score better with a https connection in its search results.

From HTTP to https, how does that work?

For a secure connection, you need an SSL certificate. Which is available from your hosting company and costs about 10 euros. And then your blog should also be configured. Because in fact, you change the web address of your blog (from  http://example.com  to https://example.com).

The people of Just Host wrote a few useful roadmaps that can help in the transition:

Free Blogs Blogger and WordPress in favor

Those who blog on a free platform Blogger or WordPress need to attract them none of this. That may sometimes. WordPress arranged the transition a long time ago automatically. Blogger is a matter of checking a box in the blog settings.

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