Friday, 16 December 2016

Yoast's Readability: What Does This New Feature Do?

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Viewers will be attention: the SEO plugin by Yoast judge not only about the friendliness to search engines, but also about readability. But what does this mean?

For those not familiar with Yoast; Yoast comes from the mind of Joost van der Valk is known for the amazing SEO plugin. A plugin that helps you make discoverable your blog. Yes, even if it seemed! But this plugin now does more than that, it also looks at your readability. After all; Google is increasingly looking for user-friendly products, and legibility contributes to this aspect.

When something readable?

Yoast readabilityAre you always looking for that green dot? Then you get it extra pressure. Besides that, you want to score green on search engine friendliness have you got a second challenge; a green dot (or should I say check?) in terms of readability.

As with checking the search engine friendliness, Yoast also looks at this function to some predetermined criteria.

The length of your sentences

If something you can make text unreadable, then the long sentences and, in particular, too many long sentences. Reading takes more than effort and you hook a reader faster. Yoast warn you if you use too long sentences. What Yoast directive herein comply? Max. 25% of your sentences should not contain more than 20 words.

I foresee herein only one caveat; the fear of creating beautiful sentences and form so long sentences. Do not be afraid! Text-only short sentences read unappetizing away. Watch. Everything is blunt and brief. Long sentences need you. Feel not encumbered to switch off and just work towards the 25% rule!

The length of your paragraphs and use subheadings

Where do you good to read a page in a book without whitespace, yearlings and paragraphs do so on a different screen. You need the rest of paragraphs and blank lines. Too long paragraphs do not contribute to the readability of your product. Yoast warn you if your paragraphs are too long. What is too long? 300 words. Then Yoast thinks you should use additional space or a subheading.

I know there is an article earlier; the usefulness of between heads. Not only shorter paragraphs but also between heads contribute to the readability of your article. Yoast will scan your article and see if you handle this in the correct way with it.

Yoast judges!

Once you've written your article, there will be a check mark will appear in red, orange or green. The Yoast has his opinion formed by means of the above three criteria about your product. On this basis, can you optimize your blog post?

Additional handy; you have to make no effort to track down long sentences. In the "final score" on the hook for the long sentences rash and shades your long sentences.

Why am I a fan of this new feature

The feedback you get from Yoast is the genius for novice writers. You get tips on how to improve your lyrics, apart from natural grammatical issues. And I think it's good to be conscious of these points! However, this will not let you hinder your creative freedom. As with the green dot is also true for this purpose; no green dot does not necessarily mean it's a bad text.

What do you think of this new feature by Yoast?

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