Friday, 13 January 2017

IPhone 8 Improves Waterproof Performance From IPhone 7, Compatible With IP68 Standard

"IPhone 8" rumoured to be released this fall as a commemoration model of the iPhone 10th anniversary will be the highest grade IP68 grade conforming waterproof and dustproof standard model, the Korean media The Investor as information obtained from anonymous industry stakeholders I report it.

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The highest grade waterproof and dustproof standard, IP68

IPhone7 / 7 Plus was released in 2016, as the iPhone the first series of a waterproof and dustproof model, it complies with the IP67 standard.

Dustproof grade has 6 levels, the waterproof grade has 8 levels. Among the IP 67 to which the iPhone 7/7 Plus conforms, 6 is the highest in the dust-proof grade "Dust does not penetrate into the inside", 7 is the waterproof rating "Even if immersed in water at specified pressure and time, I will not accept ".

if iPhone8 is the IP68 standard fit, waterproof grade of the top-level "according to the conditions specified by the manufacturer, is a completely sealed structure as suitable. principle if it is continuously placed in the water" and, to a depth of 1.5 meters even if soaked for 30 minutes no problem level will be.

Waterproof compatible to expand to the middle model center
In the global smartphone market, waterproof and dust-proofing are being generalized, centering on medium-ranking models.

Samsung boasts the largest share, the flagship model Galaxy S 7 is compliant with IP 68 standards, and we are also planning to expand waterproof and dustproof models to low price range.

Apple and Samsung use waterproof tapes to achieve waterproof and dustproof. The tape method has the merit that repair is easier than sealing with adhesive.

On the other hand, care must be taken that waterproof performance decreases with the passage of time due to aged deterioration of the tape.

The waterproof tape market is an oligopoly state by two companies, 3M in the United States and NDFOS in South Korea.

However, breakdown due to flooding is not covered by guarantee at each company

The iPhone 's waterproofing was sometimes awaited by users, so it was a bit of a boom to post to the SNS that overseas showering while using iPhone 7/7 Plus.

It should be noted, including Apple, companies such as Samsung and Sony, in addition to setting a non-compatible with hot water and seawater is also a waterproof model, failure due to flooding is not covered by the warranty because it is with, it might be better to not overconfidence.

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