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How To WRITE Descriptive Text That Engages The Audience?

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Writing a descriptive text correctly not only helps the reader to have a more enjoyable reading, but also can help you increase your sales if you intend to sell products. If you know exactly how these types of texts work, you can make a difference.

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Everyone has imagination and we enjoy it in our minds, but explaining it with words to others, sometimes, is a bit difficult for everyone.

It is as if the right words do not exist to describe what we think, feel or see.

It seems surreal to some extent, because after all everyone knows (or at least should be) to express correctly through oral language.

However, if we focus on writing a text, everything gets much more complicated.

This is because, almost always, the written words are not the same as the oral ones.

Anyway, writing a nice text that hooks the audition, has a lot to do with how you focus the description of the content.

In fact, if you write descriptive texts appropriate to the subject you are dealing with, you can make a difference in what you are proposing:

  • To sell
  • Promote
  • Explain
  • Expose
  • Etc etc

The problem is that the descriptive texts you write, do not just size, that is, they do not help you achieve your goals.

There may be many reasons for this to help weight gain but, in all likelihood, you are not applying adequate descriptive language.

This, in turn, is a clear indicator that you do not know exactly how to approach these types of texts because, for starters, you do not even know what they are like.

For all these and a few more questions, I will teach you how to do descriptive texts correctly. But first, you must know what all this is about.

What is a descriptive text?

A descriptive text consists of representing by writing to a person, animal, environment, object, emotion or landscape specifying its most outstanding characteristics in addition to its composition if appropriate as well as its qualities.

The descriptive text can be focused in many ways as you can check and, depending on what you are looking for, you can use some techniques or others.

However, and as a recommendation, it is always important to write a text with adjectives to make the specification more specific.

Characteristics of a descriptive text

If you want to write a good descriptive text, you must know its forms and characteristics so that its composition is appropriate.
To begin with, there are two types of descriptive texts :

  • Objective description
  • Subjective description

Objective description

The objective description is to describe a person or element without giving personal opinions or assessments of any kind; Simply with the one that is universally accepted.

It is not always necessary to give an assessment on an issue because sometimes the texts are simply explanatory as is the case of scientific texts .

Example of an objective description

"Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and has the most extreme temperatures in the Solar System. During the day, it is set at 400 degrees and, at night, at -400 degrees .

Subjective description

The subjective definition consists of describing a person or element with the express opinion and assessment of the author, so the text does not always have to adjust reality, but most often reflect the impressions and experiences that have had.

This type of text is ideal for bloggers who want to give the opinion of a product, service and also for those people who want to explain the impressions of a certain place or element .

Example of a subjective description
"I recommend these sunglasses not only because they have a very cheap price, but because I personally have lasted much longer than other more expensive glasses with supposedly greater benefits . "

If you know the characteristics that have different descriptive texts, there are better descriptions of input because you will be working in the correct tuning.

However, it is not enough to get a text that engages the audience. There is a fundamental factor that you must treat it with much pampering.

Structure of a descriptive text

Writing a descriptive text is not only about describing, but also its structure is important so that everything makes sense and the reader can fully understand the message you want to convey.

This, in turn, in case you want to write this type of text for a business, will help you increase your conversions.

As in all structured texts, a descriptive content must have:

  • A start
  • A knot
  • A denouement

Obviously, it is not necessary to write a bible to make a proper description. Everything depends on the purpose of the text.

That means it does not matter if you write short or long descriptive text because the system is the same.

Although, if we focus on terms marketeros, short descriptive texts can be very powerful if done correctly , because after all you are adding value without offering information straw, something more than one will thank you and much.

So far you know how to create appropriate descriptive content but how do you get the audience to want to read and read without stopping? .

This question is mandatory if you have a presence on the Internet since, otherwise and no matter what your mission, you will not get any results.

For this, you have to go to copywritng .

Copywriting will help your descriptive texts be much better because:

  • You will be able to find your ideal client
  • You will know the strongest points of a product, service, person, landscape, ...
  • You will know what words to use to persuade
  • You can make money

To do this, you must know how to start a descriptive text from the beginning.

Follow these examples :

Indicates the most important aspects at the beginning of the text

Descriptive text 4Descriptive texts not only consist of detailing the features or characteristics of a product or service, but also a summary of the most important aspects of the topic to be addressed to draw the attention of the reader.

You can also attack the pain points of the user.

If for example the user wants to read the description of a service, it would be convenient to explain the shortcomings that that person has in his life so that he makes the decision, at least, to read the advantages of that product or service.

However, it can not only be done in descriptions of products or services, also in any other subject you have in mind, so to some extent this section of the description you want to play, your creativity plays an important role.

Describe a scene in the knot for the reader to enter state

Now that you've drawn the reader's attention, it's time to get him on the scene. And for that, there is nothing better than describing a situation.

To give you an idea, imagine that you want to describe a pair of sunglasses. In that case, the idea would be to explain a situation where the object in question has all the protagonism.

An example would be:

"Surely you are one of those people who likes to enjoy the summer, but you are also aware that buying a pair of glasses is necessary to protect your eyes from sunlight, especially if you are on the beach . "

If we focus on this context, it is necessary here to use storytelling in the descriptive text so that the user enters the situation fully and wants to know more.

Surely if storytelling were not applied, many people would not understand the characteristics of the description, much less read until the end of the content.

Specify the characteristics but do not be very technical

With the exception of a scientific text that in that case yes that is advisable to be technical, in the other types of descriptions it is not necessary.

In fact, if you do not use technicalities in the other texts, it will help you to make the specifications clear, concise and understandable.

If you intend to sell, it is not enough to specify all the characteristics of the product, you must also persuade each paragraph, every sentence and every letter you write, a reason to buy.
Only in this way will you get the results you expect.

Of course, of course, without a striking title or attractive images, your descriptions will have little relevance.

I think that with all these explanations and the examples of descriptive texts that I have provided, it is more than enough for you to start writing content that causes greater impact.

From here, it all depends on you. May creativity and imagination be with you ...
What do you do to write descriptive text?

How To Improve Your Company's Online Reputation?

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Would you like to know how to improve your company's online reputation? Do you want your internet presence worth it? This is one of the most important points that any entrepreneur or company should take into account. In this post, you will have all the information you need.

Online reputation is one of the most important aspects of an Internet business because after all, it is what helps a business or entrepreneur, can make money on the network more easily.
Moreover, for you to suffer a bad online reputation, no matter you write attractive texts, incredible descriptive texts of your products or make a good SEO strategy.

The point is that you will not get any results because no one will trust you.

The online marketing is much more to do SEO strategies and today we see it with your own eyes.

However, this time I will not be the one to explain the importance of online reputation.

As I already said, online reputation is a really important aspect and you should plan a good strategy for successful results.

In order for you to plan a good online reputation strategy, (I'll explain the essential steps you need to take.){Bold}

Steps to improve your company's online reputation

Today it is difficult to think of starting a business and not digitizing it. Having a website, creating a blog and having a presence on social networks have become essential steps to create a project and watch it grow.

But, eye, have a presence on the Internet, not only consists of opening a profile on Twitter or Facebook and write a blog entry every three months.

Having a presence on social networks and not updating them is even worse than not having them.

And on the other hand, write every 3 months on your blog, gives an image of sloppiness and pace, and is not good for your brand image, can even hurt you.

So if you just started a business, before you start with your strategy of visibility on the net, consider the following tips to get a good reputation and position yourself well in your area:

1. Content Strategy

To achieve our goal, create a good reputation, the first step we must take is to create a blog and offer articles that are related to your business and that bring value to your readers or potential customers.

This will undoubtedly generate confidence in the reader and further strengthen your bond. Your client only wants to solve their doubts and problems, and you must identify them to give an adequate and effective solution. And the way to do it is through content marketing.

Now, the content must be quality, extensive (Google looks good with articles with more than a thousand words), readable, without misspellings, concise and clear.

Only in this way will we be able to capture our attention, improve our visibility and our sales will increase.

2. Engagement

Social networks are the ideal tools to get closer to your potential customers. With them you can transmit your messages in a thousand ways: using humor (sharing a photo that makes a laugh), sharing a related news of your sector (to inform your followers), publishing a motivational phrase (to encourage and support your audience ), And countless contents that we can share in order to create a special feeling with our followers.

It is clear that, depending on the social network that we use, we must adapt our message to it and know who we are addressing. It is not the same to target young people 20 to 30 years than to an audience of 50.

3. Customer Service

In addition to creating engagement, social networks have the function of being used as a customer service channel: solving doubts, answering complaints, claims, requesting information about something, etc.

So take advantage of this functionality also to strengthen the relationship with your potential client and give a good image.

4. Give your followers valuable content

What types of content should we share through these channels? If your idea is to send sales messages every day, your content strategy will die in a short time, I assure you.

Get that out of your head and focus on delivering content of value to your audience.

Use humor, motivation and visual resources like infographics, videos, images, and gifs, are the ones that work best and those that will generate more interest in your community.
The moment you have strengthened that relationship and generated confidence, then it will be time to share content about what you sell. The idea is to publish content of this type once a week, no more.

5. Create a reputational crisis plan online to know how to manage and act correctly

You've probably heard about the reputation crisis online, but you really do not know exactly what it's all about.

However, everyone can fall into their trap. Even the best brands have gone through this crisis.

This refers to the negative image that the company can acquire at a specific time due to comments and actions that we have carried out through social networks or blogs.

For example, if the company makes a mistake, and that error if it is not seen in time and is solved, can be a reason for an online reputation crisis.

Criticisms about that mistake can be wiped out by social networks and that way our reputation can fall through the ground.

Just as a mistake can cause a crisis, there are other factors that can also cause it: negative comments, lack of transparency, mentions (which are an attack), spam (being heavy with our services or unwanted advertising) By land to the company.

So, seeing the seriousness of the matter, it is important to have an online reputation crisis management plan that includes these points:

- Identify the weak points of the company, those that can give rise to criticism and negative comments by the users
- Investigate the origin of the crisis and the importance of the problem
- Plan of action: how to act with that problem, what to do, what to respond ...
- How to communicate in the wake of this crisis: what kind of messages to give and how to communicate. Should you apologize? Be more transparent?
- After you have normalized everything, you should analyze the results. The idea is to improve this plan and change all the mistakes that we can.

And here ends my post. I hope that all the steps that I have recommended have helped you. Now I would like to know how you plan an online reputation strategy, I would love if you share it with others.

4 Reasons Why Inbound Is For Everyone (Not Just For Marketers)

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You've heard the term Inbound Marketing and you recognize that inbound can be a revolutionary way to grow your business, but then you may remember that the next word is marketing and then you'd rather think twice because you're not a marketer. Does this sound familiar? Well, it happened to me. Having studied engineering at university, when I heard about Inbound Marketing I thought it was not something for me, however, I soon realized that there was nothing further from reality. Inbound is for everyone! Whether you are an engineer, builder, lawyer, business administrator, etc.

 In this article, I share 4 reasons why Inbound works for everyone, especially if you are an entrepreneur or have been in your own business for some time.

1. Helps you define your ideal buyers 

One of the main focuses of the Inbound methodology is to understand who they are and define your ideal buyers or buyer people. In my experience as an Implementation Specialist working with companies that begin to know about Inbound in Latin America, I have noticed that the vast majority have identified the market segment they sell, but not defining their buyer person, they run the risk of assuming the behavior Of your potential customers.

While the market segment only defines demographic characteristics of a specific group, buyer people are trying to understand the objectives and challenges of the people who could buy your product so that they can first help and then sell more effectively with information Which addresses these goals and challenges.

Implementing Inbound as responsible for our business, not just as marketers, invites us to define and understand how our audience behaves at each stage of a purchase decision.

2. It is a structured process to attract potential customers

If you are like me and you are a fan of having processes for everything, Inbound will be your best ally.

The Inbound methodology has four stages: Attract, Convert, Close and Delight. These cover the way since a person is totally oblivious to your business until you become a customer.

In addition to making the process more transparent, structured and logical, each of these stages is implemented with a measurable objective and aligned with the return on investment of the company and not only the marketing department.

3. Helps you create quality content that serves to attract and educate your potential buyers

In the digital world creating content positions your brand as experts in the industry, improving the perception that our ideal buyers and current customers have of our business. Think about it, what is the first thing you do when you have questions? Today we find most of the answers looking online whether in blogs, online articles, ebooks, virtual encyclopedias, video tutorials, to name a few.

Through content, you offer your customers ideal answers to their daily needs, the more useful the information you share, the greater the credibility of your brand.

If you are constantly helping your ideal buyers with excellent content it will be easier to trust you when they are ready to do business.

Content creation is something that applies to any company and can be shared between different departments. It is not only Marketing's responsibility to create quality content, each area can (and should) contribute to its specialty; Whether technical, practical or informative, each department has the potential to contribute to issues of which it can speak and educate.

Inbound is for everyone because we can all create quality content.

4. Inbound is not only marketing but also sales

Traditionally, we left the marketing department the responsibility of "promoting" our brand, and the sales team working with potential customers.

The Inbound applied to sales is the natural continuation of Inbound Marketing; Is focused on helping your prospects and giving them an experience according to their goals and needs.

I give you the same advice as before, even if you are not yet ready to implement the Inbound methodology altogether, the methodology of Inbound Sales can be very useful to improve your sales processes and the experience of your prospects.

So, what do you say? Do you still think Inbound is just for marketers? I hope after reading this article, like me, you discover a new way to apply your business processes.

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People do not hurt their opponents when they become emotional, or they lose their trust because of it, and there is no good thing. So why not try referring to "What people do not control emotions "

You may be able to solve it by conscious of why you become emotional.

"Emotion" is the cause of our actions

"Strength of the heart" is an important aspect in sending a good life. Of course, there are several kinds of mental strength, and if you want success and happiness, you need all of them. Among them, "the strength of emotion" has the most influence.

Emotion is part of the mind, but it also has a big influence on the human body, so it goes without saying that it is a bit different from the characteristics of other minds.

It is inspiring all our actions because feelings are working on the function of the body. In other words, without feelings, we will have no reason to take action from ourselves.

Unfortunately, emotions can move actions in different directions, leading to incorrect directions. So, having strong emotions is extremely important.

01. I will not stand out beyond necessity

It is directly related to the emotional aspect that needs attention from the surroundings. People with the strong desire for approval can not feel their own value unless someone needs them. This is because you do not know your own value or because you do not have self-esteem.
Without that consciousness, it really makes my value worse. Nobody needs anyone who is unaware of the importance of themselves.

02. Not be swayed by others

In order to strengthen feelings, "resilience" becomes necessary. There are a lot of disgusting people and criticizing people in this world, and the eyes of jealousy are staggering everywhere. Unfortunately, those who are trying to pull the legs most often are close by. It is the best solution to distance from such people, but that is the most difficult thing.
But if you can get rid of those people from your life, you will only lose a few human relationships to lose, and fewer opportunities to become emotional.

03. I will not hurt people

If you are grudging against someone, there is certainly a commitment that you can not ignore. But if the other person apologized seriously, I will forgive you.
On the other hand, if you do not feel like apologizing to the other person at all, you can stop exchanging with that person. However, it is not good to keep a resentment still. Such people are harmful to you, so they take away energy that is unlikely.

04. do not want to stop doing things I like seriously

Because the reason for the behavior of people with strong emotions is that they love themselves. It is difficult to hold down this happiness for anyone who does not care and stop it completely.

05. I will not stop believing in myself

A person who loves and understands himself. A person who believes in the way you are and is proud.
Those people never doubt you. You can find yourself pride yourself.

06. Do not energize

Faith is useful when you want to threaten your opponent. If you want to submit your opponent, it would be nice to become a professional negotiator.
But if you take an intimidating attitude just because you want someone to be afraid, that's obviously just cheating on your confidence. Perhaps the person whom you think is not driving around big cars?

07. Do not let anyone who has a present feeling goes into your life

A strongly emotional person creates a wall to protect himself and does not let those who break the motivation into life.
Most people in this world are somewhat funny. If you go ahead and greet people in your life and you get acquainted with a ridiculous person, please be careful so that happiness will collapse.

08. I will not be afraid to love people

Evidence that I am not aware of myself because I am afraid of loving people. I became cowardly as long as I could not keep a relationship, I thought that I just headed for a tragedy and just had the worst ending.
I am afraid of hurting and I am taking a distance so that I do not think about it anymore.
However, it will not be suitable for such a painful eye anymore. Because you are a wonderful person. Even if it does not work, it is not your fault. That is the responsibility of "two people".

09. There will be no fear of tomorrow while sleeping

The best moment of the day should be the moment to wake up in the morning and realize that we are alive.
We too think too much about what we are alive.

10. Do not be afraid of slowdown

For people who are strongly emotionally strong, "excitement" is less necessary. Because I do not think they will be busy to escape from fear and anxiety.
By concentrating on living and breathing, they can become calm and prefer the slow flowing time. That does not mean I do not hate exciting elements. I do not ask for excessive excitement, for example when you go out for a walk you can get a great sense of satisfaction even by simply striking a lovely scent of roses.

11. "What you do not want to" is not

If you are alive, you do not like it and sometimes you have to do something. Still, do not do what you do not want.
People with strong emotions strongly understand this so you can find a way to concentrate on what you like. So, in order to do whatever you like, "What is necessary to do" is also clearly.
Even if you do not like the "things you need to do" completely, if you go and have fun like them, you should step closer to what you like.

12. I am not afraid to say "No"

Many people try to use people who can not say "no" to make it better. If you think that it is "a person to be under control" as you are, no one will ask for opinions.
Besides, even if you say your opinion, you will not take it seriously. To the contrary, if you can only say "no", people do not think to rule you. So, give courage.

13. Do not forget the spirit of service

We are not so poor that we can not devote our money and time free of charge, we are not busy nor forgetting our duties as a person. However, it is a reality that some people are trying to ignore it.
The stronger the emotional aspect, the more you will be able to appreciate the people around you and the life itself. You can find greater value in your life, you can start to understand the feelings of disadvantaged people.

14. Do not force around to adjust

The stronger you are in terms of emotion, the more independent you become. Then you should not feel the need to fit around.
People try to form smaller social groups, but they are distorted and unhealthy. It is like saying "I'm afraid of being like you" that I want to incorporate somewhere.

15. Remember that "happiness is yourself"

More than anything, emotionally strong people understand how the brain affects the mind and body. In other words, I know that emotion is not a reaction to a physical factor but a reaction to "the appearance of a recognized physical factor".
Our emotions do not reflect the true reality. Rather, the emotion reflects "the figure of reality interpreted". If you understand this, you should gain the power to control your emotions and your life almost perfectly.

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What You Should Know Before Hiring A Community Manager

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In the middle of 2017, there are still many companies in the world that do not really know the value that a Community Manager can have for your company. The mere fact is recognized by advertising agencies and digital communication in society ensuring that 18% of them do not care about their reputation on the Internet.

We have to go back to statistical data and evaluate how they are doing, countries like England, Switzerland, Germany or Sweden is where almost 70% of companies have a Community Manager who manages their digital community or are thinking To hire him.

It is at this point that I ask myself, why in other countries does not pay attention to a figure so extremely important in our strategy of positioning on the Internet ?, Why in other countries in Europe costs less to digitize? Fear opening the doors of our company so that the whole world knows us ?. We have to make a parenthesis, especially to reflect on the point where we are but above all, it would be good to reflect very deeply where we want to reach.

As answers to these questions, I come much in the lead, especially related to the cost of having a template on a Community Manager. Logically if we see as spending to have a Community Manager in the template we are misplaced. The first thing we need to do is tell us how our Internet competition is doing, how they are positioning themselves and if they really have a professional behind that strategy.

Summarizing the points of improvement that I have been able to verify after years analyzing daily problems with companies in terms of positioning on the Internet I have been obliged to show them in 5 points that give clarity to the importance that has today a professional Community Manager and With experience in our workforce. Let's not look at it as an expense, it will be the person in charge of raising our company to a level we would never have thought of. Let us not forget that the Internet offers us all the possibilities of the world if they do things with professionalism and always setting goals.

What minimum requirements should the candidates have?

  • Academic profile 2.0
  • Experience in online community management
  • Orientation - training for sale
  • Good writing and competitive research
  • The medium - high domain in use of graphic design tools (Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Canvas, etc).
  • Domain 2.0 tools (Hootsuite, SocialBro, TweetDeck, etc).
  • Experience in organic positioning in search engines (SEO)
  • CMS domain (WordPress as a minimum)
  • Analytical profile. Mastery of measurement tools and user flow in all digital marketing channels. (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Analytics)

Hire or sub-contract a Community Manager?

I often talk about this subject with professionals and business owners. We always refer to a need for shortcut and reinvention in the digital world in a world where competition is increasingly fierce, and in which we will have to be more daring than ever to digitize with total professionalism but Never ceasing to humanize our brand.

I ask the following questions for you to think about if you have a business and are thinking about hiring a Community Manager:

Do you believe in digital marketing to boost your business?

Is hiring a Community Manager an expense?

Are you more or less up to date with trends in the digital world?

Do you think that investing in Google or Facebook is a waste of time?

If any of your answers are affirmative I advise that until you change your way of seeing things do not hire any Community Manager. To hire you must at least have in your staff someone capable of setting goals and monitoring the work that this professional is performing. To hire you to have to believe, and to believe you have to inform yourself of at least how the competition is doing in the digital environment and why they are growing and you have been stuck in your annual sales targets. Hiring or sub-contracting will depend on your goals and the state and shortcomings that your branding strategy, positioning and main objectives of company and sales.

Now I ask you, why do not you promote and shape someone within your company who occupies the position of Community Manager?. From my point of view I think it can be one of the best options you can have if they are carried out in a totally professional way, I explain, the training is key so that said person is in charge of correctly carrying our reputation online but this Person must be predisposed to learn and must have a fully corporate profile. It will be a person who knows the company very well and who has the total autonomy in planning objectives, which must be previously marked by the company.

I hope reading this brief article may have helped to clarify a little your ideas about your Online Reputation, something as vital as the survival and existence of your company, in a world where if you are not you may be doing something wrong and You must reflect You still have time.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

4 Common Points Of E-mail Subject How To Make It Better

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According to the online analysis, which conducts a survey on business e-mails, the average businessman receives 10 to 20 business e-mails each day. In addition, I received 1 to 10 spam emails.

In other words, in order to read important emails you send, you need to attach "especially noticeable subject/opening subject" in about 30 emails.

In other words, depending on how the subject of the e-mail is given, it is decided whether to make a business opportunity.

So, today I will show you how to make the subject of the email you can read.

Common point of subjects of emails to be read

"Conspicuous subject/subject to be opened" consists of the following four Us.

  • Useful: The value (usefulness) is conveyed to the reader
  • Ultra - specific: Concrete is conveyed
  • Urgent: Urgency is transmitted
  • Unique: Attractive (stand out)

This technique is essential for those who operate direct mail and e-mail magazines. And it is also a universal technique applicable to ordinary business e-mails.

Let's explain it one by one.

1. Useful: Tell us useful things

Several answers are conceivable, but the subject of the e-mail that gives the most reliable, stable and high result is the subject "transmitted usefully" subject.

For example, you are working for a suit maker suit maker. And, in order to introduce new arrival suit, I'm trying to send a mail to the customer list, without much thinking about the subject of the mail,

"Notice of suit Co."

Respectively. Actually, there are amazingly many opportunities to see such subject emails!

However, you can see that almost no mail is read by this. This can be done to make it "a subject that carries usefulness".

"Notice of cool and comfortable summer suit"

How about it?

For example, a salesman who is tired of summer's heat will see this subject and will open up with an expectation that it may be able to suppress the heat even a little (= useful for himself).

Let's add wording that "usable thing" is necessarily transmitted to the subject of the mail.

2. Ultra-specific: Specifically tell

Well, I put in a sentence that "useful thing" is conveyed in the subject of mail, but I feel that it is still somewhat missing. In such a case, adding the concreteness as follows will make the subject stand out.

For example, as follows,

"Notice of cool and comfortable Italian-made summer suit"

How about it? I will be able to have a more concrete image than the one of the previous one. In order to put concreteness in the subject line of mail like this, it is good to add the following wording.

  • Product origin: made in Italy / made in France / made in England etc ...
  • Material quality: 100% cotton natural/silky silk / special hemp etc ...
  • People and brands made by famous designers supervised / Armani etc ...
  • Celebrity recommendation: Product recommended! / Female Product No.1! Etc ...

In this way, there are many ways to add concreteness to the subject line of the mail.

And one thing to keep in mind is that when putting in concreteness if you make a mistake in target selection, the effect will be halved. For example, if you send a mail to the prospective customer list in the early twenties, the response is surely higher for the next subject.

"Women's  No.1! Information on cool and comfortable summer suits"

For details on target selection, please refer to " Five characteristics and solutions common to catch phrases that are not sold at all ".

Well, just by including "useful" and "concrete", it seems to be a subject that looks pretty much read. And if you add the urgency to tell next, the opening rate further increases dramatically.

3. Urgent: Tell emergency

Many people think that even if there is a bit of anxious information, "I am busy now so I will see it later". And, at the "later" time, never come again.

In order to prevent this, it is good to add 'reason to check e-mail right away' on the subject. The element necessary for that is urgency. If you add this urgency, the opening rate of email will surprisingly rise.

For example, let's put the following wording.

"10 Limited! Notice of cool and comfortable Italian-made summer suit"

How about it?

If you are crazy, there will be no suit with only 10 clothes so those who are interested in this suit will not be able to stop opening it right away. The following methods are effective as a way to convey urgency like this.

  • Limit the period: 3 days only! / As long as today etc ...
  • Limit the number: First- come, first-served basis 5 / monthly only 50! Etc ...
  • Limit the price: 50% OFF! / 20000 yen discount etc ...

Well, there is one point to note when adding urgency to the subject of the mail. That is to say "urgency" and "usefulness" at the same time.

Because adding 'useful' brings about the merit of action, and adding 'urgency' will create the disadvantage of not acting. And by communicating "useful" and "urgency" together, merit and disadvantage are transmitted simultaneously, and you can not stop acting now.

For example, if you look at the phrase "the best suits are available with a 300 $ discount!", People feel "profitable". At that time, if you have the phrase "As long as it is today!", You will find that you feel that "If you do not go now you will lose 300$!"

I, on the day of the sale of the last, only sent to the prospective customer to put the wording of urgency to the e-mail subject line, sales were three about one day until it became at once 32 the experience of I have done it before.

Thus, urgency has great power to drive people into action.

4. Unique: prominent

Just by writing the subject line of the e-mail using the three elements so far, the opening rate rises surprisingly. If you can do that, you can say "Completion type of subject of reading mail".

But at the end, there is only one more important technique. Every day, it is a technique to make your e-mail stand out, among many e-mails that arrive in mailboxes. That is Unique (to decorate the subject and make it look outstanding).

For example, you can see that it is more prominent when you decorate it as follows.

Normal state

10 Limits ! Cool and comfortable Italian summer suit

Use square brackets

"10 Limits! Cool and comfortable Italian-made summer suit

Use a star symbol

★ Limited 10! ★ cool and comfortable Italian-made summer suit

As you can see, if you put a prominent symbol on the subject that will not be used by other people, your mail will become conspicuous in the mailbox where the mail is aligned with the slip.

Just by making this one device, more people will read the subject of your mail firmly. That way, as more people read the subject of the email, the opening rate increases as a result.

"The pile that comes out is said to be struck," but only for the subject of the e-mail, it stands out prominently.


The four items introduced here are techniques that you can use well with direct mail as well as business mail.

From now on, when you write an email,

  • Useful: The value (usefulness) is conveyed to the reader
  • Ultra - specific: Concrete is conveyed
  • Urgent: Urgency is transmitted
  • Unique: Attractive (stand out)

I want you to check the four of them firmly.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

WEB DESIGN Speed ​​Up WordPress Site Easily And Without Problems

If your site is too long to load, it costs you money. It is a fact. Meanwhile, to speed up WordPress site can be simply and without any technical problems.

Studies have shown that a 1-second delay while loading can cause loss of 7% of the traffic and revenue. Think about it: if your site generates about 33$. per day, 1-second delay when loading may cost you more than 90$. in a year or if  3 seconds will mean the loss of 300$. in a year. A lot, is not it?

There are other reasons why the page load time is important: Google included site speed in their ranking algorithm, so a slow site will lose traffic. In addition, mobile data traffic is still on the rise. This means that slower sites will lose customers.

But all is not hopeless, as there are a few simple ways to speed up your site WordPress. You do not have to mess around with the code, and it does not require significant resources.

Are you ready to speed up your website and get more traffic? Let's start …

How to speed up a site on the WordPress?

The tips below can be implemented in most cases. The idea is to provide advice that anyone can implement without any problems.

Image Source: Use Of Technology

1.Use a good web hosting

Your hosting is the foundation on which to build your website. If you do not have a good web host, you can not adequately meet their visitors. The reality is that many hosting companies offer unlimited hosting packages at crazy low prices. In some cases, offer to host for less than $ 3 per month.

The problem with these web hosts is that when your traffic starts to grow, they are under pressure. You can, for example, to test for the impact load on one of the top budget web hosting services. This test works by mimicking how the site will handle the processing of numerous requests of visitors simultaneously. Here is the report:

At the peak, when the load time of 1.7 minutes, you can not hope to satisfy users. Most people will not expect the download page for so long.

But there are other web hosts who demonstrate such results working out a shock. Compare:

Of course, all of the lists is the most difficult tip to implement, because we are talking about the transfer of your entire website. Fortunately, there are web hosts that offer migration services, sometimes even for free.

Friends, one of the tips offered below, lead to a result, but in the end, you will not get far without a decent web hosting. Pay particular attention to this!

Image Source: Technology Depot - WordPress

2.Set CDN

A problem faced by all Web sites is that the download time depends on how close the user from the server location. The result is a slow boot time for specific geographic locations. The solution to this problem is to use the CDN (content delivery network - content delivery network).

CDN - it's just a network of servers strategically located around the world. For example, if you come from Europe, the CDN will upload files, images, etc. from a server located in Europe. There are many different CDN, which you can use. Prices usually start at $ 9 per month. The installation process is simple.

3.Choose a well-optimized theme

The problem most of the WordPress - that they have unnecessary features that you will probably never use. And all of these additional features mean that the subject of more resource-intensive. This is not what you need. Sometimes, additional functions are useful, but they do not always.

So, listen to your feedback on the subject, which is going to purchase. Note WordPress theme presented at our site.
Image Source: Colorlib

4.Set caching plugin

WordPress displays the page dynamically, requiring the use of PHP code to request information from the database. It then creates an HTML page for your visitors. The problem is that all of this may be slow.

The solution here is to use a caching plugin, which usually saves HTML-pages and show them to your visitors. So, it is not necessary every time dynamically generated pages. There are a number of popular plug-ins for this, for example, WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. Both plug-ins can be used freely. You can find other similar plugins.

Image Source: Wordpress

5.Compress image

There are many people who upload large images. This forces the WordPress resize them on the fly.

For example, to upload images to 5 MB - not a good idea. It is better to reduce the file size to the lowest point you can afford without compromising image quality. You can easily do this if you have Photoshop, but there are tools such as, which provides an interactive tool for image compression. You can also do this automatically in WordPress with the plugin WP

Image Source: DEV IT Journal - Dev Information Technology Pvt. Ltd

6.Install lazy loading image

When a visitor comes to your page, it is necessary to see everything at once, especially images that are always at the bottom. There are websites that display content when you scroll down the page. This helps to reduce the download time. This is easily done in WordPress, there are plugins like BJ Lazy Load, which you can use for free. All you need to do is activate the plugin.

Image Source: geekycube

7.Strive to optimize the database

Continuously to optimize table database of your site. This helps your database run smoothly, increasing your server resource. Free plugins like WP-Optimize, will make the process easy.

Add caption: Choose Web Hosting

8.Disconnect trackback and pingback notices

When other sites will start to put links to your website, you will begin to notice a trackback and pingback notification. It notices that they are related to you. The disadvantage is that such notifications occupy server resources are better spent on your customers.

You can disable these notifications by going to Settings> Discussion in WordPress admin panel. It will not stop any one of the links on your site but just stop notice. Monitoring of references and/or tracking backlinks are best left to the tools that are designed for this purpose.

So, my friends, each of the tips suggested above, lead to a result, but in the end, you will not get far without a decent web hosting. Pay particular attention to this!

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